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About Gambling City

Gambling City was established in 2009 by the founder of the original Graeme Levin.
Graeme was a pioneer of the Online Gambling industry and well respected as being a forefather to today's multi billion dollar industry.
Glen, Richard and Margaret (some of the dedicated team working under Graeme) purchased the business from him on his retirement several years ago.
Since then it has seen a wealth of new concepts and ideas introduced, a growing member base, and improved overall functionality.

At Gambling City we try our best to bring you the top bonus offers, information and reviews on Online Casinos, Sportsbooks and Poker Rooms.
We operate an in-house signature Cash Back program for members, refunding up to 20% of your gambling losses each month in cash.
We also offer an amazing Affiliate program that pays you monthly commission on all members your refer.
Our dedicated team of Online Gambling professionals have over 20 years of experience, we offer trusted advice on which brands to play at and which to avoid.

The Team:

Richard Gibbons is head of the team running the Gambling City network of sites, his resourcefulness and ingenuity know no bounds.
Thanks to Richard Gambling City has helped more online gamblers than ever before.

Margaret Macinnis, affiliate and general manager.
Margaret was a key member of the original with Graeme Levin. When it was sold she also stayed with under 2 new sets of owners.
She then re-joined the team in the establishment of Gambling City in 2009.
Margaret primarily handles all Cash Back claims and affiliate relationships with Gambling City's partnered online gambling brands.

Kira Ryan, senior developer, webmaster and manager of Gambling City.
Kira was lead developer under Craig, Graeme's son, on the original over 20 years ago. She stayed with under the 2 sets of new owners as webmaster and lead developer.
Since 2009 Kira has built up the Gambling City network of sites, she continues to grow and improve the sites with updates and developments as new technology comes out.
Kira is also an experienced online gambler and poker player, she developed our in-house 5 Card Draw Poker program for members to improve their skills an earn extra cash.

Skyla Burrell, head administrator and bonus manager, keeping Gambling City up to date with all the latest offers, bonuses and reviews.
Skyla was a part of the original team, she has over 20 years of experience in the Online Gambling industry.
At Gambling City she serves various vital roles, including affiliate marketing and advertising manager.
Skyla also manages communications with members and affiliate partners.

Steve Russo, Gambling Grumbles Manager & Mediator
Steve founded and managed Gambling Grumbles on the original
He now manages Gambling Grumbles on behalf of Gambling City as a stand alone entity. Mediation and resolution of Gambling issues all happen without any input or interference from Gambling City.

Deena Aliquo, forums administrator, bonus updater and special events manager.
Deena has many tasks in the Gambling City network of sites, mainly managing the Gambling Forums answering member posts and seeding new topics of discussion.
She also keeps all the Online Casino, Sportsbook and Poker Room information up to date on Gambling City as directed by Skyla.