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Is Live Strip Poker a Reality, or Just Fiction?

Author: Neha Agrawal

You will no doubt have heard that Strip Poker is now available online. Most of you will already have some inkling as to how online Strip Poker works. Basically put, a player either competes against the computer and should the computer lose the hand the girl or guy model loses a piece of clothing. You obviously have the choice of whether or not to lose your own clothing.

Or, the player plays a kind of video poker variant, and with their winnings they are permitted to “buy” articles of clothing from the model. Now, while this is indeed fun and games, isn’t there a more realistic version out there for gamers who want to play Strip Poker properly, but either haven’t got friends willing to play, or don’t have a partner?

It has long been considered a myth that there are actually real life webcam Strip Poker games going on, on the internet, that you can join if you so choose. To correct this, it is in fact, more of a reality than a myth. For some years now – since the improvement of online streaming – there have been Strip Poker clubs online where you can see real live players losing.

However, there is a flaw. Most of these Strip Poker sites do not permit you to play. Instead you are left with the option of viewing the real life Strip Poker game taking place. As a result you are kind of left on the sidelines. It probably isn’t exactly the Strip Poker experience you were hoping to enjoy.

There are one or two Strip Poker sites, however, who have chosen to play the game differently. Using the latest webcam technology, and a digital poker game played between real life players, you can compete against other players across the globe in a real life Strip Poker game. It might not be as in the flesh as the real thing, and it may result in you sitting in your birthday suit in front of your laptop, but that’s true for the other players as well.

This new form of Strip Poker has proven highly popular with those who fancy challenging their naughty side online. Strip Poker by this method is as real as you are going to get it, bar inviting some friends round. Some people may look down on this form of Strip Poker as pornography, or call it vulgar, but it’s not really. It’s a game, and like all games it is designed to be fun.