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Strip Poker – Ooh La La, What to Do and What Not to Do

Author: Neha Agrawal

Strip Poker, yes you heard that right; what about it? Strip Poker is not the first game that would come to your mind when thinking about online games to play I’m sure, but it does exist.

Casting aside the Strip Poker online bit, let’s look at the real life game. How has this generally drunken game made it across the world as a popular favourite at parties and social gatherings?

If you do decide to give it a go, surely there are some dos and don’ts to make certain that your first Strip Poker experience is as “enjoyable” as possible? Strip Poker is a game played like any other poker game, with a wager. However, unlike casino poker where you stand to either win or lose your money, in Strip Poker; you stand to either keep or lose the clothes you are wearing.

Like most gambling games, Strip Poker is an adult game; and like all games – there must be rules. It is important to make certain that everybody knows these rules before you begin playing Strip Poker.

It is essential that everybody knows how to play poker in general, before they begin playing Strip Poker, to avoid cheating. Nobody wants to end up losing all their clothes in a game of Strip Poker, only to find out they’ve been cheated about the rules of poker at a later date. Everybody must also be comfortable with the idea of what is going to happen if they lose. And the most important rule of all is that nobody has to play if they are uncomfortable with the idea.

It would also be advantageous to play Strip Poker in a warm room, if for modesties sake alone. The more layers that come off, the colder the players are going to be, so it is only fair to heat up the room first. However, try to keep the temperature just right. Nobody wants to play in a sweaty room either.

It is not cheating to wear a lot of layers in Strip Poker. If you know you are going to be playing Strip Poker, why wouldn’t you put on a sweater and two shirts. If you go on a bad run, it pays to have plenty of articles of clothing you can take off. However, don’t go overboard for this too would be cheating.

Clean underwear is also a good idea, and try to make certain that your socks don’t have holes or smell. Nothing can ruin a game quicker than dirty socks or underwear. And last, but certainly not least; remember that Strip Poker is supposed to be about fun and entertainment, nothing more. Have a laugh, because there is probably going to be somebody who has a worse run of luck than you.