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We are Cash Back

About the Cash Back program

Claim back up to 20% of your losses in a calendar month from your play at participating Casinos and Sportsbooks

Gambling City is affiliated with most online Casinos and Sportsbooks, so when you sign up through one of the links on our site, we earn a percentage of your losses. We share this with you!

How it works:

  • Find a recommended Casino, Sportsbook or Poker Room advertised on Gambling City that you would like to play at.
  • Visit the brand via a link on our site, sign-up and play.
  • Keep a note of your deposits, bonuses applied, and withdrawals during the month, as well as your opening and closing balances.
  • After the 5th of the following month, if you have an overall loss in the previous month's play, you can visit Gambling City and submit a claim.
  • We will process your claim as quickly as possible, once it's approved you will receive an email alert, the amount approved will be added to your cash balance.
  • You may then withdraw your cash balance to your e-wallet.

Information needed to submit a Cash Back claim:

  • The name of the Casino, Sportsbook or Poker Room you played at.
  • Your Username or Email you used to register at the Casino, Sportsbook or Poker Room.
  • The currency you played in.
  • Your opening balance at the beginning of the month (you may have funds remaining from previous months).
  • The total value of deposits you made during the month.
  • The total value of withdrawals you made during the month.
  • Bonuses applied to your account during the month.
  • Your closing balance at the end of the month.

Things to note:

  • Cash Back claims are only available for play at the Casinos, Sportsbooks and Poker Rooms advertised on this site.
  • Claims may only be submitted after the 5th and before the 21st of the month.
  • You must submit a seperate claim for each brand you play at.
  • By submitting your Cash Back claim, you are explicitly authorising the Casino or Sportsbook to provide Gambling City with a verification of the claim.
  • Cash Back percentages advertised on Gambling City can change during the month.
  • Read our Terms and Conditions for full information.


  • You sign-up at a casino during November (being sure to use a link on Gambling City!).
  • You deposit $1000 and play your favorite game, you win, you loose, and by the end of the month $200 remains in your casino account.
  • After the 5th of December you visit Gambling City and submit your Cash Back claim for an overall $800 loss during November ($1000 deposited minus $200 closing balance).
  • The Cash Back percentage for your casino is 15%, which means you are claiming back $120 (15% of your $800 loss).
  • Gambling City processes your Cash Back claim, we compare the information you submitted to the stats at the casino and find it matches.
  • Your Cash Back claim is approved and the $120 appears in your cash balance.
  • You withdraw the $120 to your e-wallet.

Getting Help

It is important to us that you understand how the Cash Back program works.
If you have any problems or questions then please send us an Email, our support staff will typically answer within 24 hours.

Please read through the Cash Back Terms to be fully aware of how the Cash Back program works.

Registering at Casinos

Please send us an Email to request a casino to be included in our Cash Back Program.

To enable Gambling City to get its commission, and also for you to be eligible for Cash Back, you need to be registered at the Casino through a link on Gambling City.

If you first visit the casino using a link on another site, even if you don't register, a cookie will be set on your browser and you will be tagged to that other site. You will be incorrectly tagged even if you subsequently click on a Gambling City link and then proceed to registration.

So to register through a Gambling City link please:
  • Use Gambling for your first visit to a casino
  • If you have already visited the casino, please delete your cookies before registering through a Gambling City link
If you are already registered at your chosen casino having used a link on another site, you might be allowed by the casino to cancel your registration and reregister through Gambling City.
If not, please select another casino and register through Gambling City.