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Affiliate Partners

What options do affiliate partners have to increase casino exposure on Gambling City?
A wide variety of options are available to affiliate partners to help increase exposure. Please email Gambling City for a link to the Options for Affiliates page

Can affiliate partner casinos pay for exposure on Gambling City?
Gambling City does not accept payment other than standard revenue share for placement on the network

Who can be contacted to discuss an affiliate relationship?
Please direct partnership inquiries to

Best Members

How do I earn points towards Best Member rankings?
Points toward Gambling City's Best Member ranking can be earned in many ways. Some examples are registering for Cash Back, submitting a suggestion, reporting an error, re-pinning on Pinterest, posting a comment on the Forum, and many more activities. For the full list please visit

How often is the Leader Board updated?
The Gambling City Best Member Leader Board is updated every 30 minutes

How many more Votes am I entitled to for my Best Member ranking?
The top 10 Gambling City Best Members can place 40 votes. The top 11 to 100 Best Members can place 30 votes. Normal members have 20 votes

Where can I find the all-time Best Member rankings?
Please visit for the all-time Gambling City Best Member list

How do I claim my free Raffle Ticket(s) for my Best Member ranking?
A free raffle ticket in each of the raffles currently running on Gambling City is awarded to all Best Members, which are notified by email


What are BitCoins?
BitCoins are digital currency that is created and held electronically. It is the first peer-to-peer payment network powered completely by users, with no governing authority

What is digital currency?
Digital currency is an internet based version of currency that contains similar properties to physical currencies and allows for instant transactions and un-restricted transfer-of-ownership

Can I gamble online with BitCoins?
There are several reputable online casinos that accept BitCoin as payment. Please visit BitCoin Casinos to view the list

Where can I purchase BitCoins?
BitCoins may be purchased though exchanges or directly from other people via marketplaces. For a list of BitCoin Exchanges please see:

What is a BitCoin Wallet?
BitCoin wallets store private keys required to access BitCoin addresses and spend funds

What is a BitCoin Exchange?
A BitCoin Exchange enables the transfer traditional fiat currency to and from BitCoin

What are other types of digital currencies?
There are many types of digital currencies, which all operate off of the same principle. BitCoin is the most popular

Blacklisted Sites

What is a Blacklisted Casino?
A casino is placed on the Gambling City Blacklist for any of the following reasons: Negative Gambling Grumbles report, non-payment of commission to affiliates, de-tagging of players, refusal to participate in Cash Back promotions, poor customer and affiliate support

How is the Blacklist ordered?
The Blacklist is ordered by a points system with the worst offenders listed at the top

Are all the casinos within a group Blacklisted, even though the offender was a sister casino?
All casinos operated by the same group are Blacklisted on Gambling City, even though the offender may have been a sister brand


Where can a current bonus list be found?
Please visit the Gambling City main page and select the type of bonus desired from the yellow drop down menu located at the top of the page

Must I be a registered member of Gambling City to claim bonuses?
While registration at Gambling City is recommended, it is only required to claim exclusive bonus offers

How does one claim a Bonus?
Click the casino name to register. Bonus details can be located by placing your cursor over the How to Claim box in the listing on the site

What are Wagering Requirements?
The number of times the bonus or the bonus + the deposit need to be wagered in order to cash out any winnings

What is an Additional Bonus?
A bonus in addition to the 1st deposit or Exclusive bonus

What is a Bingo Bonus?
A bonus that allows 100% of the wagering requirement to be wagered on Bingo

What is a BitCoin Bonus?
A BitCoin Bonus is a bonus awarded in the crypto-currency, BitCoins

What is a Blackjack Bonus?
A bonus that allows 100% of the wagering requirement to be wagered on Blackjack

What is a Cash Back Bonus?
A Cash Back bonus is awarded by the casino based on casino losses for a specific period of time. Please visit the Gambling City Cash Back page for a list of current special Cash Back offers

What is an Exclusive Bonus?
A special bonus available exclusively to visitors to sites in The Gambling Portals network

What are Financial Bets?
Spread Betting, Financial Fixed Odds Betting and Binary Options

What is a Free Play Bonus?
A Free Play Bonus is a bonus to play casino games without making a deposit, generally awarded for registering a new account

What is a Free Spins Bonus?
A Free Spins Bonus is a bonus to play slot machine games without depositing at the casino, usually awarded for registering a new account

What is a High Roller Bonus?
A bonus of at least $500

What is a Live Casino Bonus?
A bonus that allows 100% of the wagering requirements to be wagered on Live Casino games

What is a Lottery Bonus?
A bonus that allows 100% of the wagering requirement to be wagered on Lottery games

What is a Mahjong Bonus?
A bonus that allows 100% of the wagering requirement to be wagered on Mahjong

What is a Match Bonus?
A bonus expressed as a percentage of the deposit

What is a Mobile Bonus?
A Mobile Bonus is a bonus that is also available for mobile games, or specifically just for mobile games and must be claimed via a mobile device

What are Multi Bonuses?
Successive bonuses over time or combination of bonuses at one time

What is a No Deposit Bonus?
A bonus received on registering an account without necessarily having made a deposit

What is a One Hour Bonus?
A bonus to play with the casino's money for 1 hour and keep your winnings

What is a Poker Bonus?
A bonus that allows 100% of the wagering requirement to be wagered on Poker

What is a Reload Bonus?
A Reload Bonus is a bonus attached to deposits made after the initial 1st deposit. Reload bonuses can range from 2nd deposit to 10th deposit and beyond

What is a Rummy Bonus?
A bonus that allows 100% of the wagering requirement to be wagered on Rummy

What is a Sports Bonus?
A bonus that allows 100% of the wagering requirements to be wagered on Sports

What is a Sticky Bonus?
A bonus that allows you to play but that cannot be withdrawn

Cash Back

How can I participate in the Cash Back Program?
To join the Cash Back program at Gambling City please register an account at

Can I earn Cash Back from playing any online casino?
Cash Back is paid by Gambling City on almost every casino listed. There is a very small list of excluded casinos. You must be registered at the casino through a link on Gambling City to qualify for Cash Back

How long does it take to receive my Cash Back?
Once the casino has confirmed the amount submitted on your Cash Back claim is correct, payment is immediately made

Who pays the Cash Back to my account?
Gambling City pays the Cash Back directly to members, into the account of choice

Is there a limit on the amount of Cash Back I can earn?
There is no maximum limit to the amount of Cash Back that can be earned through Gambling City

Can I earn Cash Back even though I registered at the casino previously?
If you already have an account at your preferred casino having registered through a link on another site, you may still be allowed by the casino to cancel your registration and re-register through Gambling City

Is Cash Back earned on all my casino wins and losses?
Gambling City pays Cash Back on losses only


Where can the casino directory at Gambling City be located?
Click the large yellow button at the top of the page titled 'SEARCH' to browse the casino listings on Gambling City or click here

How can information about a specific online casino be found?
Select the casino from the drop down menu in the Casino Directory. If the casino is not listed please send Gambling City a note at

What are the different categories by which casinos can be searched?
Casinos can be searched for via the following categories: Casino name, software, type of casino game, bonus offer, type of site (mobile, live dealer, etc.), game information and Gambling Grumbles reports

What information is contained in 'Casino Details'?
The casino detail pages on Gambling City contain detailed information including current bonus offers, payout information, player support contact, casino games offered, casino screen shots, payments methods, casino jurisdiction, press releases, reviews and more

How can a directory search be performed for casinos that offer a certain game?
From the main casino directory menu select the 'Game' drop down menu. If the game is not listed type the name into the search box

What types or bonuses can be searched for in the directory?
Exclusive bonuses, match and re-load bonuses, no deposit bonuses and free play bonuses can be searched by selecting the type desired from the drop down menu


What is Forex?
Forex is short for foreign exchange.

Is Forex trading open to US traders?
Place your cursor over the Trader Restriction box to view restricted countries.

What are Instruments Traded?
Currencies, Commodities and Indices.

Where can the latest Forex news be found?
Visit Forex 24x7 and select Forex News from the Gambling Information tab.

Gambling Auctions

What is a Gambling Auction?
A Gambling Auction on Gambling City is an opportunity for members to bid for great Cash and Prizes from trusted online casino with LudoCoins

How do Gambling Auctions work?
Gambling City Members bid on Auction items with LudoCoins which are free upon registration. Each bid increases the auction time by 3 hours

How do I place a bid on an Auction?
Gambling City Members bid on Gambling Auctions offered by using LudoCoins. Select the Gambling Auction you like to participate in and place your bid. Bids are automatically deducted from your LudoCoins account. If there is a higher bid, the LudoCoins you bid will be refunded

How do I claim my winning Auction?
Gambling Auctions are automatically paid when the Auction is complete. LudoCoins bids are adjusted so all winners pay their share of the final bid in proportion to their winnings

Are terms and conditions attached to the casino bonus Auctions?
To view the terms for each Auction place your curser over the green square box marked Terms and a pop-up will appear with the requirements

If the item bid on goes to a higher bidder will LudoCoins be refunded?
Once there is a higher bid, the LudoCoins you have bid will be refunded to your account.

What is the maximum bid allowed?
Bids up to 400 LudoCoins are accepted on Gambling Auctions

How do I track an Auction I've bid on?
To receive an email notification when new bids are placed in a particular Gambling Auction click the Watch button, which is located just to the right of where you enter the amount of LudoCoins you wish to bid

What is the Watch Button?
To receive an email notification when new bids are placed in a particular auction, click the Watch button and an update will be sent to the email address registered to your account

Who should be contacted if a question arises?
Please send an email message to with your query

Gambling Forums

How does one register for the Gambling Forums?
Select the "Register" link located in the top right menu and provide required information

Is registration required to view posts?
Guests are welcome to view all postings. To participate registration is required

What information is required to register for the Gambling Forums?
First and last name, nickname and a valid email address

How do I create a new Forum topic?
To create a new Forum topic select the appropriate Forum for the new topic and click the green 'New Topic' button located on the top left corner

How do I reply to a Forum thread?
To reply to an existing topic thread select the green 'Post Reply' button located on the top left corner of the thread

How do I post a photo to the Forum?
To add an image to a post on the Forum click the 'Insert Image' button displayed on the top of the edit menu display. Currently only links to images can be added, the actual image may not be uploaded

Can I post videos to the Forum?
Links to videos may be posted on the Forum and are encouraged

What are the Forum rules of conduct?
No abusive, vulgar, obscene, hateful, slanderous, libelous or threatening material or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to you being permanently banned. For complete rules of conduct click the 'rules' link located in the top right corner

What do I do if a post offends me on the Forum?
Unpleasant posts may be reported by visiting

How do I update my profile?
To update your profile on the Gambling City Forums log-in to your account and select the 'My Profile' link from the top menu. Select 'Edit my Profile' from the left menu. Make the changes desired and click 'Save'

How do I update my Avatar?
To update your Avatar on the Gambling City Forums log-in to your account and select the 'My Profile' link. Once at your Control Panel select 'Modify Avatar' and then select the link titled 'Click here to select an Avatar.' Chose a category of Avatar's and select the desired image. The Avatar will automatically be updated

Who are the Forum moderators?
Information on the Gambling City Forums moderators can be found by visiting:

Gambling Grumbles

What is Gambling Grumbles?
A free mediation service for resolution of complaints and disputes with online casinos.

Can specific casinos be searched for?
Enter the casino name into the text box and click search.
If there is a Gambling Grumble report or reports they will appear in a table below the search box.

Do advertising considerations play a role in dealings with a casino?
In no case will Gambling Grumbles allow advertising considerations to play a role in dealings with a casino.
A complaint against the biggest advertiser will be treated in the same way as a casino which has never advertised.

Does Gambling Grumbles guarantee results?
Whilst Gambling Grumbles cannot guarantee results, it does its best to resolve all disputes.

How does one file a Gambling Grumbles complaint?
Register at Gambling Grumbles and send an email message to report the details of your Grumble.
Provide as much information as possible including the email address you use for your casino account.

How does one view a Report?
All Gambling Grumbles reports are listed in the table beneath the top text. Click the casino name to view the report.

Is it possible to be notified of new Grumbles?
To receive an email notifying you of any new reports that are posted please click the green envelope marked Watch.

Should the casino be contacted before mediation services are requested?
An attempt to contact the casino should be made by the player before contacting Gambling Grumbles.
When contacting Gambling Grumbles please include what the casino replied or whether it ignored your complaint.

What are Invalid Complaints?
If Gambling Grumbles feels that the complaint is invalid you will be informed and given the reason. The casino will not be contacted.

What does a Big Smiley Face image mean?
The casino resolved the dispute to the satisfaction of all parties.

What does a Happy Face image mean?
The casino resolved the dispute to the satisfaction of Gambling Grumbles but there were issues that were not dealt with satisfactorily.

What does a Question Mark image mean?
There is no clear ground on who is right or wrong.

What does a Sad Face image mean?
The casino made attempts to satisfy the complaint but not to the satisfaction of Gambling Grumbles.

What does the Skull & Crossbones image mean?
The casino despite all efforts, refused or was unable to resolve dispute to the satisfaction of Gambling Grumbles.

What is Unacceptable Behavior?
Your claim will not be met if there is evidence of opening multiple accounts, use of false or misleading information, false claims or tampering with screen shots, charging back losses or other dishonest behavior.

What other requirements are there to file a complaint?
Different casinos have different rules, especially in regards to bonuses, and it is your responsibility to read what they have posted on their websites. You are obliged to follow the posted terms and conditions of the bonus.

With what types of disputes can Gambling Grumbles assist?
Unfair treatment by an online casino, you have not been paid your winnings, you have not received the bonus as it was offered to you or you have received bad service or incorrect information.

Gambling Raffles

Must I be a Gambling City member to participate in a raffle?
Only Gambling City members are able to participate in Raffles. Registering an account is simple and free. Click the yellow 'Register' button located at the top right corner

How much do Gambling Raffles cost?
Raffles cost you nothing. Buy raffle tickets with LudoCoins which you get for free when registering and for participating in fun activities on The Gambling Portals network of sites

How do I purchase a raffle ticket?
Select the tickets for purchase from the drop down menu contained within the raffle listing

How many tickets can be purchased per Raffle?
The maximum tickets allowed varies with each Raffle and can be found directly beneath the buy box

Where can I view current raffles?
Please visit the Gambling Raffles page to view current raffles

How often are Raffles updated?
Raffles are added constantly, so please revisit

How does one register at the casino?
Click on the light green elliptical link for the casino of your choice

Can I participate in a raffle even though my casino account was not opened via Gambling City?
Members with existing accounts at casinos through other means can only participate in the raffles sponsored by Gambling City

Must one open a new account at the casino?
If you do not intend opening a new account and playing at the sponsoring casino, most Raffles will not be suitable for you.
There are however some exceptions such as The Gambling Portals raffle which offers a Cash Prize with no registering requirements

Where can I view the raffle terms?
Each raffle has unique terms and conditions which can be viewed by clicking the yellow 'Terms' button found within the raffle listing. A pop-up window will display all terms

What is a Gift Ticket?
A Gift Ticket is a Raffle ticket gifted to a friend who need not necessarily be a member of The Gambling Portals network.
LudoCoins are deducted from your LudoCoins balance

How does one purchase a Gift Ticket?
Click on the Gift Ticket icon located to the far right of the desired Raffle and submit the details requested

Who should be contacted if a question arises?
Please send an email message to Gambling Raffles at with your query

General Questions

What are the flags for?
Click the flag to view the site in the relevant language

When were The Gambling Portals network of sites established?
In 2003 Graeme Levin, the owner and founder of sold the site and began the process of developing The Gambling Portals, which have been operational since 2008

Who is the cute green character?
"Dolly" is the unofficial mascot of The Gambling Portals network of sites

Who should be contacted if a question arises?
Please click the green 'Contact Us' tab located at the bottom of the page
Hall Of Shame

How does a casino earn a place in the Hall of Shame?
Casinos are entered into the Hall Of Shame when previous experience has dmonstrated there is little point in Gambling Grumbles writing, as they have either ignored two consecutive complaints or refused to cooperate

How is the Hall of Shame list ordered?
The Hall of Shame is listed in alphabetical order

How many consecutive negative Gambling Grumbles reports are required to enter the Hall of Shame?
Two consecutive negative Gambling Grumbles reports are required for a casino group to be placed in the Hall Of Shame

Are all casinos listed under one company in the Hall of Shame?
All casinos owned by the same group are included in the Hall of Shame


What are LudoCoins?
The virtual currency used by The Gambling Portal network of sites.

How are LudoCoins earned?
By daily visits, finding and reporting errors, participating in quizzes, submitting suggestions, quotes, jokes or cartoons, entering prize drawings, submitting reviews and by posting in the Gambling Forums. Click on About LudoCoins for details of additional ways.

How can LudoCoins be used?
Playing Poker, purchase of Raffle Tickets, or to bid in Auctions.
My Profile

How does one access "My Profile"?
Please enter the email address with which you registered into the text box and click Submit.

Where are LudoCoin transaction details located?
Click the yellow box in the 'Your Information' area.
Newly Listed Casinos

Does this list include new casinos and casinos new to Gambling City?
The Recently Added Casino listings include both brand new casinos and existing casinos recently listed by Gambling City

How long does a new casino stay on the list?
A casino is considered 'New' for the first six months of operation

How long does a casino new to Gambling City stay on the list?
An existing casino that recently listed by Gambling City stays on the list for three months

I know of a new online casino not listed, whom should I inform?
To inform Gambling City of a new online casino or a casino not listed please contact

How can I be informed when new casinos are listed?
To receive an email notification when a new casino is listed on Gambling City visit your 'Profile' page and scroll down to the category of 'Mailing Options and Watch Lists'. Select the 'New Online Casino' Watch List and hit update. Notifications will automatically be sent to the email address on file and can be stopped at any time

Where can I view more details about a Newly Added Casino?
To view complete casino details click the green radial button 'View More Details' located on the Recently Added Casinos page

Papa George's Picks

Who is Papa George?
Papa George is the Gambling City in-house expert

Have all casinos been tested for integrity and honesty?
All Papa's George's Picks have been screened for honesty and integrity

Can a casino with a negative Gambling Grumbles report be a pick?
Casinos are excluded if they have not responded at any time to mediation attempts by Gambling Grumbles

What is the criteria for picks by Papa George?
Papa George's Picks are based on a number of factors including good customer service, high maximum payouts, high maximum cash back percentages and overall casino odds

Can a casino pay to be placed on Papa George's Picks?
Casinos may not pay for placement on any of Papa George's lists

How is the pick list ordered?
Picks are sorted by highest ranking based on Papa George's criteria

Where can I view Papa George's current picks?
Please visit the Papa George's Picks page to view current casino, poker and sportsbook picks

Payment Methods

Where can further details be found?
Please click the payment method name to be taken to the site for full details.


Can LudoCoins be lost for incorrect answers?
The amount deducted varies depending on the difficulty of the Quiz.

How many LudoCoins are awarded for correct answers?
The amount awarded varies depending on the difficulty of the Quiz.

How many quizzes may be answered per day?
You may participate in Quizzes once per day.

Recommended Sites

How are these sites compiled?
From an aggregate of recommendations by prominent online gambling portals and ranked in order mention.

What categories of Recommended Sites are shown?
Casinos, Blackjack, Slots, Sportsbooks, Bingo, Poker, Backgammon, Roulette, Craps and Baccarat.

Which sites are shown on the Recommended Lists?
Sites that are the most trustworthy and have the best service.


Can multiple accounts be registered?
Only one registration per person and per computer allowed across the sites within The Gambling Portals network.

What information is required for General Registration?
Your first name and a valid email address.

Special Promotions

Where can I view timed special promotions?
Please visit the Special Promotions page on Gambling City to view timed limited casino promotions

Where can I view ongoing casino promotions?
Please visit the Ongoing Promotions page on Gambling City to view ongoing casino promotions

How often are the special promotions updated?
Special Promotions are updated on a regular basis

Do I have to be a Gambling City member to participate in special promotions?
Membership at Gambling City is not required to participate in special time limited and ongoing promotions

I know of a great promotion not listed, who do I notify?
Please send promotion details to

In what order are special promotions listed?
Special time limited promotions are listed by expiration date, with the promotions soon to expire listed first

How can I be informed when a new special promotion is listed on Gambling City?
To receive an email notification from Gambling City when a new promotion is added visit your 'Profile' page and scroll down to the category of 'Mailing Options and Watch Lists'. Select the 'Special Promotions' Watch List and hit update. Notifications will automatically be sent to the email address on file and can be stopped at any time

Tournaments and Promotions

How does one enter a Tournament?
Click the casino name and register for the tournament or promotion of your choice.

Voted Best Sites

Where can votes be placed for casinos on Gambling City?
Please visit the Vote for Best Sites page and select the casino from the drop down menu

What if the casino voting is desired for is not on the Vote For Best Sites list?
To place vote for a casino that does not appear on the list, please send an email to Support@GamblingCity with the casino name

Can only registered Gambling City members participate in voting? Only Gambling City members may vote, registration is free

What voting categories are available?
Gambling City members have the option to vote on the following categories: Best Arcade Games, Best Baccarat, Best Bingo, Best Blackjack, Best Bonuses, Best Casino, Best Craps, Best Design, Best Games Variety, Best Live Dealer Casino, Best Mahjong, Best Mobile Casino, Best Poker, Best Promotions, Best Roulette, Best Scratch Cards, Best Slots, Best Software, Best Sportsbook, Best Support, Best Terms, Best Video Poker, Best Wagering Requirements, Fastest Payouts, Most Honest, Slowest Payouts, Worst Casino and Worst Support

How long does a vote remain active?
Votes for Best Sites on Gambling City are active for 365 days

Is it possible to remove a previously placed vote?
To remove a vote, click again on any ballot box previously used

Is there a limit to the amount of votes that can be placed for each casino?
Votes may be allocated to any number of casinos within any category, however only one vote per casino in each category may be placed

What is the maximum number of votes allowed?
Standard members are allowed 20 active votes per member. The 10 Best Members are allowed a maximum of 40 active votes and Best Members 11 through 100 are allowed 30 active votes

Warnings to Players

Who issues the Warnings to Players?
Warnings to Players are issued by Gambling City

Where can I find the Warning to Players list?
Please visit the Warnings to Players page for the complete list

How does an online casino make the warning list?
Casinos earn a spot on the Warnings to Players list by operating on predatory and unfair terms

How do I report an unfair casino?
Please contact Gambling City at to report a casino. Also visit Gambling Grumbles to begin a formal complaint

Do all the casinos in a group have warnings?
All casinos operated by the same group are included in the Warnings to Players list