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Daily Cartoon

Zombie Poker
Zombe Poker Cartoon on Gambling City
'Zombie Poker' a gambling cartoon presented by Gambling City

Daily Video

Gallagher's Craps-Baseball

Free thinker, comedian, watermellon smasher, Gallagher explains his gambling game based on baseball lingo. January 2004. Consumer Electronics Show

Daily Photo

Mobile Slots
Mobile Slots

Daily Puzzle

Perplexed Police
Perplexed Police Puzzle presented by the Gambling City Network

All the other card players were women.

Daily Joke

Gambling on Religion
A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Minister are playing blackjack when the police raid their home.

The Police officer turns to the priest and asks: "Father, were you just gambling?" The priest exclaims, "The Lord does not permit me to gamble, you know that Patrick, you're from my parish!"

The Police officer then turns to the Minister: "Pastor, were you gambling?" The Minister replies, "This is our Sabbath, officer, I would never gamble on the Sabbath!"

The Priest pins the cop with a glare, and he lets it drop. Turning to the Rabbi, sheepishly, the officer ventures to ask: "Rabbi, I don't suppose that you were you gambling?" The Rabbi looks left, looks right, and asks: "Who could I possibly be gambling with?"

Daily Quote

My lucky number is 4 billion, that doesn't come in real handy when you're gambling. I'm gonna need some more dice, 4 billion divided by 6, at least.
Author Unknown

Daily Art Toon

Rushing Roulette

Daily Short Story

Casino Clause
By painstakingly choosing high-paying machines and putting good use to casino coupons Jean S and her husband won so much cash on video poker machines they were able to purchase a vacation home in Vegas. The couple also took advantage of free food, drinks, and gifts which casinos give out designed to keep the winners gambling. Indeed, the couple hoarded a huge collection of tiffany glasses, jackets, TVs and many more. Many of the free gifts were given to friends and family as Christmas presents. "The grandchildren," the husband once remarked, "think Santa Claus lives in a casino.”