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History of Backgammon

Backgammon is believed to have begun in Mesopotamia in the Persian Empire (present day Iran, Iraq, and Syria). It is the oldest known recorded board game in history. Backgammon was typically played on surfaces like wood, using stones as markers and dice made from bones, stones, wood or pottery. The game can be traced back thousands of years BC to board games that were played by the Egyptians, Sumerians, Romans, and Persians.

Backgammon throughout its history has been associated with the leaders and aristocracy of ancient civilizations as shown by excavated relics and literary references from Persia, Greece, Rome, and the Far East. Gaming boards with 3x10, 3x12, and 3x6 squares were found in Egypt and it were known as the Game of Thirty Squares or Senat.

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How to Play Backgammon

Backgammon Game Objective
The objective of Backgammon is to bring all your checkers, white or black, into your own home board so that you can begin to remove them from the board. The winner of the game is the first player to bear off all of his checkers.

Setting up the Backgammon Board
The arrangement of the checkers on the Backgammon board is made before the start of each game.
The checkers are placed on each player's 24, 13, 8 and 6 points in the following order: two on each player's 24 point, five on each player's 13 point, three on each player's 8 point and five on each player's 6 point.

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Backgammon Glossary

10 Percent Doubling Rule
The cube handling rule for pure race situations.
Player X should consent to the double if player Y’s count plus 10% is no more than two points less than player X’s account.

8-9-12 Doubling Rule
It’s recommended to double when the challenger’s pip count is greater than yours by 8% or over.
Consider re-doubling if you opponent’s pips count is higher than yours by 9% or over.

American Backgammon Tour, an annual American tournament.

Accept a Double
Consent to competitor’s offer to double the previous stakes.

#1 is uppermost on the rolled die.

Ace Point
A point that is furthest from the bar.

Ace Point Game
Describes a stage towards the end of the game, where player X is anchored on player Y’s one-point.
Player X aims to hit a blot as Player Y brings their checkers home.

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Backgammon Cartoons

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I Love Backgammon
Nice Roll
Strip Backgammon
Backgammon Hit

Backgammon Quotes

The only athletic sport I ever mastered was Backgammon.
Douglas William Jerrold, English Playwright

Backgammon is a gambling game which requires both luck and skill. Luck keeps the game interesting, but skillfull play will always be rewarded.
Paul Magriel, Professional Backgammon Player

In all gambling games there is a loser's syndrome which keeps people to keep on when behind and to go further into the hole. The doubling feature in Backgammon makes this syndrome far more dangerous.
Oswald Jacoby & John Crawford, from “A History of Backgammon”

In a backgammon match, anybody has a reasonable chance to beat anybody else. The player who doesn't respect his opponent is likely to get greedy, to take risks when he shouldn't and to fail to take risks when he should.
Walter Trice, Professional Backgammon Player

Backgammon Jokes

Backgammon Laws
A checker on the bar remains at rest.
For every bad cube, there is a equal and opposite recube.
Backgammon losses will assume the shape of my wallet.
No matter is created or destroyed; therefore the chouette sheet must balance.
Choose direction and seats wisely for racing, as the angular velocity is faster near the equator.
6-2 and 5-3 are isotopes of eight and as such, will display different reactions within the same position.
In order to lift a checker off the bar, roll dice at high velocity over desired checker.
1st Law of Thermobackgammics: The internal energy of an isolated system is constant. Therefore if your dice are cold, opponents dice are hot.

The 10 Commandments of Backgammon
01. Thou shalt have no other games before me.
02. Thou shalt not make unto thee an image of me being a simple, accidental or tiresome game.
03. Thou shalt not misuse thy cube, for the dice will not hold him guiltless that doubles early.
04. Remember the tournament day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou read thy theory, and play for money. But the seventh day is the tournament day.
05. Honour thy club and thy federation, that thy days of playing upon the land be many.
06. Thou shalt not roll 5-2.
07. Thou shalt not break thy prime.
08. Thou shalt not steal pips.
09. Thou shalt not play with false dice.
10. Thou shalt not covet thy opponent's board.

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Backgammon Tips

If you want to avoid restricting your future options in the game, refrain from placing your checkers on low points early on in the game,
especially points 1 and 2.

If you are not sure about which move to make, hitting is usually a good choice.

If you see that your opponent is ahead of you in the race but doesn’t have all his checkers past you, try your best to stall him before
he gets all his checkers into his home board.

If you want to avoid wasting pips, aim for a downward sloping formation when removing checkers from the Backgammon board.

Race to your home board (inner board) as quickly as you can.