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Slots Information

Slots History

Slot Machines were invented at the end of the 1800’s by Charles Fey. The machine originally had reel strips depicted as playing cards, the King, Queen and Jack, it was in 1910 that the now famous fruit symbols were introduced.
Slots machines today come in thousands of variations including jackpots, video slots and progressives. There are slots based on cartoon characters, movie stars and even game shows. The slot machine has gained popularity across the world and account for 70-80% of Casino revenue. However you don’t need to spend hours in a Casino to find a slot machine that pays good odds. You can now play from the comfort of your own home with online slots.

Slot Art Toons

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Happy Banking
Lucky Strike
The Painted Bird
Wild West

Slots Quotes

They are the new breed of slot machine-colorful, fancy, exciting, wonderful...and deadly.
Frank Scoblete, American Author

They (slot machines) sit there like young courtesans, promising pleasures undreamed of, your deepest desires fulfilled, all lusts satiated.
Frank Scoblete, American Author

When we put 50 machines in, I consider them 50 more mousetraps. You have to have a mousetrap to catch a mouse.
Bob Stupak, Las Vegas Casino Owner

Even in their wildest dreams, casino owners could not possibly have concocted anything to match a slot machine's raw capacity to generate revenue.
Lou Krieger and Arthur Reber, from “Strictly Slots”

I think of how many thousands of times I've played a slot machine with nothing to show for it.
Barry Meadow from "Blackjack Autumn

There are clubs that would have to close their doors without a slot machine.
Mike Goodman from "How to Win"

Slot Cartoons



How to Play Slots

Slots are a great source of entertainment, but bear in mind that you are playing with real money, not tokens. So play slots seriously and use your money wisely as making money is definitely the sole purpose of playing this game.

Slots have a great appeal because, unlike most other casino games, you can play at odd times to suit you and they don’t require any real skill. Luck is the essential ingredient. The main point of the game is to manage your bankroll as effectively as possible to ensure that you remain in the slots game as long as you can. However to make the most of these games there are a few things to look out for that will increase your chances on the slots:
  • Pick a slot machine with denominations most suitable to your pocket.
  • Bet the max number of paylines, as this is the only way to get the jackpot. It is the jackpot that increases your overall odds of winning.
  • Watch for special promotions, like high jackpots.
  • Play slots that haven’t paid out in a while.
  • Use Casinos that offer Welcome Bonuses, this will increase your bank roll for free and your chance of winning. It is a way to increase the odds in your favour.
  • Use Casinos that have a Loyalty scheme. That way you gain points which can be redeemed for various prizes and sometimes can be converted into cash.
  • Learn the payout table. This will tell you what combinations pay out, and whether betting multiple coins will gain better pay outs.
You do not need to worry about being “cheated”, Online Casinos are regulated and all types of slots use a random number generator (RNG) that never stops working, so that every time you play it is completely random.

Online Slot Buttons
All Lines The player wagers a bet on all the paylines available.
Bet Per Line The player decides how much he wants to bet on each on the paylines.
Hold Used to keep a reel fixed on a particular symbol. Usually played on two spin games.
The Bet Max Button The player chooses to place the maximum number of coins on the payline chosen.

Types of Slots

What makes slots so popular among the other Casino games on offer is the huge variety of different types of slots. Knowing the basic idea of each game will give you a heads up on which slot machine is better for you.

Free Slots
These slots are pretty much available at any Online Casino you may chose as a way of showing you how the slots work and allow you to play in Fun Money. If you hit a winning combination – you don’t receive anything in return as you aren’t playing with real chips, however these slots give you a feel for the Casino and the games themselves.

3 Reel
These are the most common type of slot found in online Casinos, which liken to the mechanical slots you see in Vegas today. They are fun to play and are available in single or multiple paylines depending on the machine you chose. 3 Reel slots are the most player friendly slots and this is because they were the first type of slot invented. 3 Reel slots have been exciting players for over 100 years.

5 Reel
These slots can offer as many as 15 paylines and have several additional features that you don’t find at land based casinos, these include high coin limits, larger payouts, rewards and it is common to hit $10,000 prizes when you play 5 Reel slots in certain casinos.

Bonus Slots
Bonus Slots make regular slot machines a little bit more fun, by offering a bonus round to give you the chance of doubling, or even tripling your winnings.

Progressive Slots
Progressive slots are slots that have a continuously growing jackpot. Playing online your chances of winning a million dollar jackpot far exceed that of your chances at a land based casino. Progressive slots are a group of many different linked slot machines in a network, and the jackpot is made by taking a percentage of the money being put into this network.

Slots Tournaments

With the increasing popularity of online slot games, its not surprising that there are now numerous online slots tournaments available that cater to players around the globe offering them a opportunity to win big prizes.

A slot tournaments is a tournament that is sponsored by one casino or a group of casinos where players compete for the top position for the prize. Every player is starts with the same amount of coins, they start and finish at the same time and whichever player has the most number of coins at the end wins the game. One can play in a tournament by paying a fee, however entry fees vary per casino.

There are some players that implement various strategies to increase their odds of winning. One of them is by betting the max at every spin. The logic for this action is to make sure that you win the maximum amount of coins possible per spin.

Slot Laughs

Don’t You Want a Fanta?
A blonde was using a can machine outside of her local shop. After putting in fifty pence, a coke came out of the machine. She put it on the ground, put fifty pence more into the machine, and pushes another button. Suddenly a Fanta orange came out of the machine!

She continued to do this until a man wanting to use the machine became impatient. "Excuse me miss, can I get myself a drink and then you can go back to whatever it is that you are doing?"

The blonde turned around and said, "Yeah right! I'm not giving up this machine while I'm still winning!"

I’m That Man
Ned was down on his luck in Las Vegas. He had gambled away all his money and had to borrow a dime from another gambler just to use the men's room. The stall happened to be open, so he used the dime in a slot machine and hit the jackpot. He took his winnings and went to the blackjack table and turned his small winnings into ten million dollars.

Wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, Ned went on the lecture circuit, where he told his incredible story. He told his audiences that he was eternally grateful to his benefactor, and if he ever found the man he would share his fortune with him. After months of lectures, a man in the audience jumped up and said, "I'm that man. I was the one who gave you the dime."

"You're not the one I'm looking for. I'm looking for the guy who left the door open!"

You Can't Lose
Two girlfriends, Britney and Tiffany, went to Vegas to play the slots. Each agreed that when her money was gone, she would go to the Casino entrance and sit on the bench to wait for her girlfriend.

Tiffany quickly lost all of her money and went to sit on the bench. She waited, and waited, and waited and waited.

After what seemed like an eternity, she saw Britney coming toward her carrying a huge sack of coins. "Hey, it looks like you hit it big Britney!." said Tiffany "Oh yeah," said Britney, "did I hit it big! I found a good machine, its way in the back. I'll show it to you-you can't lose! Every time you put a dollar in 4 quarters come out!