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Gambling City Terms and Conditions of conduct on the site

Last updated: 30 Oct 2022

It is important that you read our Terms & Conditions and that you agree to them before becoming a registered member.

Gambling City Cash Back Program

  • The Gambling City Cash Back Program is only applicable for play at the casinos and sportsbooks advertised on this site.
  • The Cash Back amount you can claim is calculated based on your net losses at each specific casino. This is reflected on the claim form.
  • By submitting your Cash Back claim, you are explicitly authorising the casino or sportsbook to provide Gambling City with a verification of the claim details.
  • Your Cash Back claim is subject to confirmation by the casino.
  • The Cash Back Program is paid entirely by Gambling City and is in addition to any bonuses, cash back or special offers received from the casino or sportsbook.

To be eligible to claim Cash Back:

  • You must be a registered member on Gambling City.
  • You must be registered at the casino or sportsbook through a link you clicked on Gambling City (for us to receive commission in order to pay your claim).
  • Claims must be submitted before the 25th of the following month. For example, for your play in March, you must claim before the end of the 25th of April Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
  • Only one participant per household and per computer is allowed to participate on Gambling City.

Cash Back Percentage:

  • The maximum allowable Cash Back percentage is 20%.
  • This percentage can be changed during the month on certain casinos or sportsbooks for one of the following reasons:
    • The Gambling City commission from the casino or sportsbook is too low
    • The casino or sportsbook doesn't respond to requests to confirm claim details
    • The casino or sportsbook doesn't reset negative balances at the month end
    • The casino or sportsbook deducts excessive Admin costs
    • The casino or sportsbook deducts bonuses from the Gambling City commission calculation even if wagering requirements have been met
    • There are multiple players at the casino or sportsbook for a specific month where winners cancel out losers and Gambling City receives no or reduced commission
    • If you live in United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy or Sweden, Government Tax is deducted from your winnings. This percentage is automatically deducted from your claim percentage when it applies.

Large winning exclusion:

  • Players who win over $5,000 in a given month may be subject to the casino's high roller policy.
  • In some cases, the casino or sportsbook 'quarantines' our earnings from the player until their previous large negative is worked off.
  • Gambling City can only pay Cash Back to players once they are out of quarantine.
  • Not all casinos and sportsbooks have this policy, and some only quarantine for amounts $10,000 and larger.
  • Please check the Casino‚Äôs terms and conditions or contact them directly to confirm.

Casinos and Sportsbooks not resetting negatives:

  • Players who have winnings greater than $1,000 in a given month at a casino that does not reset negatives will need to 'work off' these earnings before Gambling City can pay Cash Back for future months.
  • Most casinos and sportsbooks do reset negatives so this rule often does not apply.
  • Please email Gambling City for an updated list of casinos that do not reset negatives.

Registration through Gambling City:

  • For Gambling City to earn commission on your play, you must be registered at the Casino or Sportsbook through a link on Gambling City.
  • Some casinos and sportsbooks will allow you to cancel your current registration and to re-register through a Gambling City link.
  • Please email Gambling City if you need assistance with registering or re-registering.

Referring Players:

  • Referred Players must enter the Referrer's details (Member ID or registered Email address) at the time of registering. If this is not done no referral commission will be paid to the Referrer.
  • Referrals can only be made in respect of genuine arms-length referees. No referrals can be made in respect of anyone in the same household or connected in any other way.


  • When you withdraw your Cash Back funds, Gambling City is not liable for any transaction charges incurred when transferring the funds into your Ewallet.
  • Withdrawal requests can be made at any time once the minimum is reached and must be made on the withdrawal page.
  • The minimum you can withdraw is USD/GBP/EUR/CAD/AUD 50. SEK minimum is 500. BTC minimum is 0.004.
  • Only one withdrawal per currency per month.
  • Withdrawals allowed only in multiples of 50. With exception of BTC.
  • Withdrawal requests will be rounded down to a multiple of 50. With exception of BTC.

Other points:

  • You can submit Cash Back claims for as many casinos and sportsbooks as you want each month but only one Cash Back claim per casino or sportsbook is allowed.
    Where a common wallet is used for casinos or products, only one Cash Back claim per month is allowed in respect of all the casinos or services which use that common wallet.
  • If you don't have the information needed to complete the Cash Back claim, you can normally obtain it from Casino support.
  • Charge-backs to the casino or sportsbook, referring yourself directly or indirectly, or submitting false information will result in being permanently banned from the site.
  • For the purposes of your Cash Back claims, each month starts & ends as determined by the location and reporting of the casino.
  • Gambling City will only pay out Cash Back if it receives commission from the casino.
  • Gambling City can add or remove casinos and sportsbooks from participating at any time. Such changes will generally but not always be made at the start of each month whenever possible. A notification will be sent out via email.
  • Gambling City reserves the right to change any percentage or term relating to Cash Back.
  • Any Cash Back member who has a positive account balance in any currency will have the balance reset to zero if there has been no claim submitted or withdrawal requested in the previous 365 days. This will be done automatically, you will receive alert emails 90, 60, 30 and 7 days before it is reset.