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Crazy Pachinko review

Crazy Pachinko dazzles with its blend of distinctive slot machines and an interactive Bonus game hosted live by a game show host. Spin the slots for a chance to enter the thrilling Pachinko Bonus round, showcasing the iconic Pachinko wall, and rack up impressive multipliers as you go. Crazy Pachinko features Two Slot Rounds and a Live Pachinko Bonus Round

Two Slot Rounds
The feature begins with the Qualification phase, where players need to spin the reels and collect 3 scatter symbols in a single spin to move onto the Live Pachinko Bonus Round. During the Qualification phase the Sticky Scatters feature is active, which allows scatter symbols to gradually descend by one row with every spin, vanishing from the reels once they reach the bottom row

Accelerate your qualification by selecting from various spin modes. In XXXtreme Spin mode, each spin ensures one scatter symbol, while the Feature Buy option grants immediate access to the next phase of the game

During the Qualification phase, scatters may carry multipliers reaching up to 10x, amplifying potential winnings as they accumulate across the game

Following the Qualification phase, step into the Top-Up phase to elevate your multipliers and enhance potential winnings for the upcoming live Bonus round

Live Pachinko Bonus Round
The live Bonus round showcases the iconic Pachinko wall and a lively game show host. Each sector of the Pachinko wall boasts standard multipliers ranging from 10x to 200x, combined with the accumulated multipliers from earlier game phases, showcased at the wall's base

The game show host releases a puck from the Pachinko wall, landing in one of 16 zones with random multipliers, determining the final awarded multiplier. Should the puck land on the DOUBLE zone, all wall multipliers increase, prompting a re-drop for an even larger multiplier

Release Date
November 2023
Type of Slot
Other Games
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