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Gonzo’s Treasure Map review

Evolution Gaming is widely known for its live casino games, but they've ventured into the world of online slots with "Gonzo's Treasure Map." This title takes inspiration from the iconic character Gonzo, famous for his adventures in "Gonzo's Quest"

Gonzo’s Treasure Map features crisp and vibrant graphics, transporting players to an ancient jungle filled with lush vegetation and ancient temples. The animations are top-notch, with Gonzo's animated presence on the side adding a touch of familiarity

Base Game
Predicting which map tiles will be struck by the Gold and Multiplier blocks and finding stones that conceal Gonzo keys are the game's goals. In each game round, five blocks will fall from the Top Slot

If a Gold block drops and lands on your selected tile, your bet is multiplied by 10x. However, if a Multiplier block lands on a tile with your bet, your wager will be boosted by 20x

In addition, with every game round 3 Gonzo keys are randomly placed on the map. Discovering one of these keys leads you to the Bonus round

Bonus Round
Discover a Gonzo key to advance to the Bonus round, where a single falling Ruby block will land on a random tile and multiply your winnings. Even so, should the Ruby block land on a "Double" stone, all multipliers on the wall will double and the block will drop again

Release Date
September 2023
Type of Slot
Other Games
Number of Reels
Number of Pay Lines
Minimum and Maximum Bets

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