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Stock Market review

Step into the fast-paced world of finance with Live Stock Market, an innovative offering from Evolution Gaming. This unique live dealer game brings the excitement of stock trading to the online casino realm, allowing players to experience the thrill of buying and selling virtual shares in real-time

Live Stock Market provides you with an authentic trading experience in a virtual setting. Upon entering the game, players are presented with a live feed of stock prices, market trends, and news updates, creating a realistic trading environment. Players have the opportunity to buy and sell shares in various companies, with the goal of making a profit based on the fluctuation of stock prices

How To Play
The game features two phases — the betting phase and the Trading Session. Place your bet on either ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ based on whether you think the stock value will rise or fall. At the start of the Trading Session, the stock value chart starts to generate, displaying multiple interim values before reaching its conclusion and unveiling the round's final outcome

Cash Out: If you wish to stop playing in a particular round, you will need to 'Cash Out'. The Cash Out button can only be used during the betting phase. All Cash Outs are subject to 1% Commission fee

Stock Market is available in four distinct variants, depending on the player’s jurisdiction. Each variant modifies the gaming experience by adjusting features such as the presence of a live video stream with a game host, the option for automatic re-wagering of bets, and the method by which portfolios are cashed out—either automatically after each game round or manually by the player

Release Date
March 2024
Type of Slot
Other Games
Number of Reels
Number of Pay Lines
Minimum and Maximum Bets

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