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Current Auctions

Current Auctions

Bid on the items offered below using your LudoCoins.
Bids are deducted from your LudoCoins account. Once there is a higher bid, the LudoCoins you have bid will be refunded to your account.
When the Auction is completed the LudoCoins bids will be adjusted so all winners pay their share of the final bid in proportion to their winnings.

To receive an email notification when new bids are placed in a particular auction, click the Watch button.
To register an Account at the Casino, please click on the Casino link in the green elliptical button.
Where not specified in the Auction Rules, the standard Terms & Conditions for the specific casino apply

Maximum Bid
No bids in excess of 300 LudoCoins can be made
You must please register on this site to bid in the Gambling Auction.
On registering you will receive 5 LudoCoins and then 4 for every subsequent daily visit.
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Vote & AwardsItem and DescriptionSee Casino DetailsTermsHighest BiddersBID LUDOCOINSTime Left
Slotland$75 Cash
into a Slotland Casino account

Additional Prizes
$50 to second highest bidder
$35 to third highest bidder
$25 to fourth highest bidder
$15 to fifth highest bidder
See Casino Details
Terms for Slotland Casino Auction
  • The Prizes will be paid to each of the 5 Highest Bidders into an account at Slotland Casino.
  • The account must be registered by clicking on the light green elliptical button or using this link:
  • Wagering requirement for the Prize is 10 times
  • To be eligible to bid, you must have opened an account at Slotland by using the above link or any other link on a site in The Gambling Portals network. You must have an account at the time of bidding.
  • To be eligible for a second or subsequent prize you must have made a cash deposit of at least $25 at Slotland Casino after the Auction has opened. No deposit is needed for your first win.
  • If the bidding reaches the maximum of 300 LudoCoins, then the positions at that time are the winning outcomes.
  • The Terms and Conditions of the casino apply

Highest Bid: 7


Total Bidders: 3
Amount you want to Bid:
(Max 9 LudoCoins)
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