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2019 NFL Week Two Wrap Up

Author: Skyla Burrell

The second week of the NFL brought some predictable wins, spectacular plays, and some sad losses. Online wagers placed on the NFL accounted for 20% of all bets placed worldwide last week. To say the NFL is popular for online wagering is an understatement.

The Buccaneers beat the Panthers 20-14 in Thursday’s game. It was Tampa Bay’s defense that won this game for them, without a doubt.

Baltimore beat Arizona 23-17. Lamar Jackson was the star of the day throwing for 272 yards, completing 2 touchdowns and running for 120 yards.

Cowboys, RedskinsThe game ended with a win for Dallas 31-21. QB Dak Prescott completed 26 of 30 passes for 3 touchdowns.

It was a close match between Indianapolis and Tennessee, with the Colts managing to beat the Titans 19-17. All eyes are on the kicker, Vinatieri, the NFL's oldest player, after missing a 2nd extra point in as many games.

The Seahawks beat the Steelers 28-26. This is the best Seattle has seen in six years. QB Wilson threw for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. Fans hope Wilson will lead again to a Superbowl victory like he did in 2013.

The Giants lost to Buffalo 28-14. Bills Quarterback, Josh Allen has the franchise off to a 2-0 start, the first in five years.

The 49’ers crushed the Bengals, 41-17. Coach Zac Taylor is off to a rough start with the Bengals. Fans began their exit during the 3rd quarter of the game.

The Lions beat the Chargers 13-10. Los Angeles lead for the 1st 3 quarters but in the final quarter, Detroit took the win. Both teams made some costly mistakes.

Green Bay vs Minnesota resulted in a win for the Packers 21-16 who are now 2-0 for the season, due in part to the power of their defense this year.

The Jaguars lost to the Texans, 13-12. Justin Reid kept Leonard Fournette out of the end zone on a 2- point conversion with seconds left to secure the exciting win.

The Dolphins were blown out of the water by the Patriots, 43-0. It’s assumed Miami will continue their downward spiral this Sunday against the Cowboys.

The Raiders lost to Kansas City 28-10. The highlight of the game was during the second quarter when the Chief’s Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, threw 4 TD's.

The Rams beat the Saints 27-9. Both teams suffered injuries most notably Ram’s QB Drew Brees who was sidelined with a hand injury during the second drive of the day.

The Bears beat the Broncos 16-14 thanks to a 53-yard field goal by Eddy Pineiro in the last seconds of the game. The Broncos are off to a rough start at 0-2.

The Falcons took down the Eagles 24-20. A boring game finally came to life in the last minutes with Atlanta blowing their 17-6 lead.

Monday night’s game between the Browns and the Jets resulted in a 23-3 victory for Cleveland. The Jet’s offense looks to need some additional gas this season.