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A Brief Introductory Lesson in the Lingo of Craps – Part II

Author: Neha Agrawal

Previously, we looked at some of the terminology used in Craps. There is so much of it that a second look is needed to finish off all those tricky words that you need to understand to be a solid Craps player. Now, we continue.

Players might often refer to the betting field as the garden, and this should be well understood, as it is a common term in Craps. A player may also hawk the dice, which is slang for “stare at the dice down the other end of the table.” Unfortunately sometimes, the dice may not make a complete roll because they can hit a brick, which is slang for when the dice hit a stack of a player’s chips.

Another term commonly used in the casinos of the US is a knot, which is basically a wad of cash, tied with a rubber band. A marker is also common and applies when a player uses casino credit to complete their Craps wager. Betting on the number twelve also has its own terminology and in Craps it is known as a midnight.

Everything in Craps appears to have a different name, and in this popular dice game even the stick used by the stickman to move the dice has its own terminology, for it is known as the mop. Rather simply however, a no roll is simply a roll by shooter that is either too short, has hit another player, or has rolled off the board.

A die that is a One on the Rail is a die that has previously fallen off the Craps table and has been returned for inspection.

During play, a player may also choose to Parlay their bet, also known as “Letting It Ride,” which means that they will leave their winnings on the table for the next bet. Pips are known as the white dots on the dice, while the pit is the area in the casino where all of the Craps tables are located.

As you probably are aware, you have what is known as the point. The point is a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten roll. The point must often be rolled again and is combination that is required for the Craps player to win, before the shooter rolls a seven.

And finally, the shooter is the player who rolls the dice. Obviously there is much more terminology than this, but this is some of the most common lingo in Craps, and if you learn these, you shouldn’t be flabbergasted by terms when you settle down to play Craps at a real casino site.