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A Guide to Spotting Rogue Casinos

Author: Nick Wright

Online gambling and casinos can be a hugely fun way to while away a few hours and can even provide you with the opportunity to make a bit of money, but be careful when choosing an online casino as there are some rogue casinos which belong solely on a casino blacklist and do not deserve your custom. It is an unfortunate fact that an experienced online gambler through bitter experience will begin to build an extensive casino blacklist of rogue casinos which are only in existence to cheat gamblers out of their money, but there are a few ways of spotting these rogue casinos before you give them your business.

Firstly, it may sound simple but utilise an existing casino blacklist which is available online. There are plenty of sites and forums which produce this kind of casino blacklist to help out their visitors and there is even a casino blacklist available on the Gambling City site to help you to avoid the worst rogue casinos. Checking a casino blacklist online is not enough on its own however, and it always pays to do some of your own research before you commit your money to a new online casino. A good way to do this is to search a casino name on Google along with phrases like casino complaints or issues and problems. What this will do is to bring up any forums or online discussions based around the casino complaints that other gamblers have with these sites, and you better believe that there will be plenty of these for any rogue casinos.

Once you have done some of this pre-research and built your own version of a casino blacklist then it is also worth fully investigating a site itself before you begin playing on it. By this I mean that you should read and analyse a sites terms and conditions and even try out any customer support facilities before you deposit any money. What this will do is to let you know whether they do actually have the ability and the inclination to deal with player’s casino complaints and if they don’t then the site should go straight on your casino blacklist.

If you follow all of these hints and guidelines then you should have both a decent casino blacklist of your own and a much better chance of avoiding rogue casinos and therefore fully enjoying your online casino experience.