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Author: Neha Agrawal

Rather obviously, the most likely place that you are going to be able to play Strip Poker, and where you probably should play Strip Poker is with some friends who aren’t shy of revealing their bits, at a table in somebody’s home. Alternatively, if Strip Poker is more of an intimate game for you, then perhaps playing in your bedroom with your partner would also be wise.

However, what about digital Strip Poker for those of you without friends eager to reveal all, or who don’t have a partner at the moment. Where can you play Strip Poker? Online is the first thought that springs to mind, but where online do you begin and what kind of games can you play?

There are primarily four types of Strip Poker online. There is the simple computer graphic kind, where you play against the computer and for every hand you win, the computer model loses an article of clothing. Then there are the pay to play games, where you play a game of video poker, and are rewarded with cash for your winnings. But you will need to pay in order for the computer graphic picture to become significantly less dressed.

The third kind is a simple stream, enabling you to watch other real life players playing a game of Strip Poker, and of course, undressing. But this isn’t really you playing, and it’s rather sad to think that you are simply watching other people undress for the fun of it. But the fourth way, now that is a way you can enjoy Strip Poker in the digital age online.

The fourth option involves sites that require their Strip Poker players to have a webcam, and on these sites you will compete against real players. Going head to head with them, with all of your webcams activated will see you either lose your own clothes or enjoy watching other players lose theirs. This is Strip Poker as real as it can be, but through the comfort of your own PC. There aren’t too many sites that offer the fourth option, but they do exist and are rapidly gaining in popularity.

Looking backwards to the third option, there can be no little gambling enjoyment in this, but a few sites do exist out there for you to watch live games of Strip Poker in session. The first two options, however, are by and large the most common to be found on the net. One must only Google “play Strip Poker online” to find a wealth of downloadable or browser based Strip Poker games.

But if you’re seeking a real Strip Poker experience then you are best off playing webcam Strip Poker and a Google search will reveal all of those sites that offer such an experience. As far as fun, excitement and thrills with complete strangers goes, this form of Strip Poker is by far the safest and most enjoyable.