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Alternate Ways to Bet on Sports

Author: Neha Agrawal

You may be the kind of sports bettor who keeps voluminous charts and graphs of every team. You watch videos of as many games as you can, taking notes during every play. You do this for several sports and make your wagers according to all the information that you have accumulated.

Then again, you might be taking a different approach. Some bettors don’t learn a lot about the individual players and the teams on whom they’re betting. They only look at a couple of things, the sports betting lines and the past trends of teams or individuals.

They will take note of betting action in each game or match and make their bets according to what they think the action is indicating. Or they may look at past events. They know that one team has a good record as a favourite or a bad record when they play at home after a loss or on the road after a win. They make their sports bets based on their knowledge of trends and the current odds that are being offered.

They may still be keeping lots of notes and facts, but they aren’t about a team’s forwards or their goaltenders. It’s about when they win and possibly by how much they win or lose.

This kind of approach to sports betting can be used for all sorts of bets, not just winning or losing. It can also be applied to totals bets, depending on the sport. You know under what circumstances team is liable to be scoring a lot, or not scoring a lot. You can always find a bookmaker who will take your bet based on all this information.

When you meet one of the sports bettors who has this approach, you may ask them a question about certain players or certain teams and they will tell you, “I have no idea.” They don’t know about individuals, because that is not the information they’re using when they’re making their bets. Their action is based strictly either on the betting of an event or on the trends of the participants involved in the event. They do not bother learning about individual stars or what defensive patterns a team utilizes. They are only concerned with patterns that effect their betting.

Of course, the gamblers who do make exhaustive studies of team’s tendencies and individual’s weaknesses may well succeed themselves. But keep in mind that there are other approaches that also work when betting on sports.