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Are There High Roller Slot Machines to Play?

Author: Neha Agrawal

Are there high rolling slot machines to play? This is a very difficult question indeed, and as such – quite tricky to answer. In regards to there being an actual high roller slot machine to play, the answer would be a no. Unlike high rolling casino games such as poker, baccarat or blackjack, where the minimum hand must be a given amount (often high) in order for the player to be accepted into the game; it is exceptionally rare (if at all) to find an online slot machine that has a minimum bet limit that is out of the range of normal standard rolling gamers.

However, whilst most minimum betting ranges on online slot machine games well within the financial means of standard rolling players, the maximum betting levels can often most certainly be well out of reach of those same players. In this sense, the highest betting maximums can be deemed as high rollers territory. The line between standard and high rollers in online slot machine games however is not black and white, and without careful attention being paid, one gamer could quite easily stray from one betting zone into the other. This is fine of course, as long as it is from high to low, unless you can afford it.

Without offering any names of individual slot machine games, a quick look at some of the larger paying slots will reveal this to be true. It is also fair to say that the only slot machines that can be considered truly high rollers are the massive paying progressive jackpot slots. These are the slot machine games that have average payouts of around one to three million US Dollars when they are won. Now whilst we have all heard of players winning such jackpots with a minimum bet, most of the time that simply does not happen, not in regards to the sorts of money we were just talking about.

Some of these online slot machine games can offer a maximum betting range of five hundred to one thousand US Dollars per spin, and yes you did read that right. In these circumstances, the high end of the betting scale is most certainly high roller territory. Most people however do not tend to ever wager such amounts on an online slot machine, because although your chance of winning is more than fair, the sheer cost of attempting to go for the jackpots which these sums of money offers much less of a chance than on blackjack where you generally have more favourable odds of success.

So to go back to the original question; no – there isn’t really any specific high roller slot machine games, although a slot machine game can certainly contain high rolling wagers.