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Backgammon Has Several Interesting Variations

Author: Neha Agrawal

Most popular games have a number of variations. Poker has all sorts of versions from Omaha to Razz to Hi-low to Stud. There are also several variations to Baccarat and various rule changes in versions of Blackjack. Backgammon is no different. There are a number of popular versions of the game of Backgammon played around the world which are the same basic game but with some differences.

One of the games is called “Acey-Deucey.” It is quite a bit different from a regular backgammon game because all the pieces start off the board. Once the pieces reach the board, they move in the conventional way, at least until someone throws a 1-2 (the acey-deucey. )

The player moves the pieces accordingly, then gets two bonuses. First, he can name his own double and plays those moves. Then he gets another roll. The advantage of getting an acey-deucey in this version of the game is immense.

Another version of Backgammon is called “Chouette.” Several player can be involved in one game. There is usually a captain who plays for a team against one opponent. In some variations, he can take advice from his teammates, in other versions, he can’t.

Each player gets a doubling cube which he can use at any time to enter the game or get a win. Again, the rules vary and sometimes are made up on the spot.

Another version of the game which is particularly popular in some Asian countries is called “Tavla.” Like Acey-Deucey, the opening board is set up differently. In this game, two pieces for each player are all that is on the board and they are set up at the furthest point from the home board. The game then proceeds in the normal fashion as most of the pieces have to get off the bar and into the game.

One other interesting version of Backgammon is called Plakoto. It is particularly popular in Greece. In this game, all pieces of each player start at their point 24.

Blots are not moved to the bar but can be trapped by the other player’s checker. The last piece left on point 24 is called the “mother.” If it is trapped by an opponent’s checker, the game is lost.

All these backgammon variations require as much skill as a regular game. And also like a regular game, they require a good deal of practice and experience before you can play them with success.