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Backgammon is Perfectly Suited For Online Play

Author: Neha Agrawal

Backgammon is one game which works perfectly in an online setting. The only players of the game who won’t like the simulated version offered by their online or mobile casino are the players who truly like the feel of moving the checkers around the boards and tossing their own dice. But the game is otherwise exactly the same, with the difference being that you’re playing with dice that are produced by a computer-generated number, rather than by the toss of your hand.

Though it is played by many for no financial stakes, backgammon is also a very good gambling game. In fact, one of the major features of the game is the “doubling cube” which automatically increases the stakes in the game. This can be just for points if you’re playing for fun with your friends, but it can also be for real money if you’re playing in a casino, either land-based or online.

There are other features of backgammon which offer the possibilities of nice return for your money. If the game is won-that is, you’ve managed to bear off all your checkers- and your opponent has not been able to bear off any of his, that is called a Gammon and results in double the stakes.

Backgammon is now offered by most of the leading online casinos, both through your computer or any of your mobile devices. Many of them offer specific bonuses for their backgammon players as well as long-term member rewards. There are also tournaments which can be entered which offer more lucrative payoffs.

One of the casinos offering a good deal to backgammon players is “PartyGammon.” By their name, you can tell that they emphasize and specialize in presenting the game. They are affiliated with other popular sites which feature other games, including and

The Backgammon games are exciting to play at, plus the rewards are, well, quite rewarding. There is a 50% matching bonus up to 100 American dollars. The bonus is released in full after you have played seven times the total.

Other benefits accumulate in points and can be paid in cash, though for their higher end members, there are many other gifts which their website describes as “luxury items.” This is for members of their Palladium club.

Playing backgammon games with great rewards is a major step from the way you might have started playing the game-with your friends or family for fun. You can still have fun, but at your online casino, you can also get a lot more than that.