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Basic Roulette Strategy

Author: Sylvia Garcia

Simply put, there are no Roulette betting strategies. Whenever you place a bet at a Roulette table it is a negative expectation bet. For example, if you bet on a single number and win, you will get paid out at 35/1 however the chance of selecting the correct single number is 37/1 because of the zeros. Many people will tell you that they rely on the best Roulette betting strategies but truth be told no matter how you work things the house will always have an edge. So how do we reduce this edge?

Theoretically the Martingale Roulette betting strategy> is profitable. However this only works if there are no maximum bet caps and you have an endless stream of cash. This system involves doubling your bet when you lose to retrieve your losses and possibly make a small profit. However, casinos use table maximums to prevent players from doubling their bets if they lose and therefore prevent the Martingale System from offering any profitable results. With these table maximums in place there is simply no chance for this system to work.

Now let’s discuss the other two main betting systems. The Labouchere System is a lesser known strategy that involves a progressive betting system that is determined by a series of numbers which are chosen by the player before the betting begins. In short, this system is simply not profitable.

Then there is the D’Alembert System, which is a pyramid-based betting system that is basically used to bet on either black or red. It’s simple to use because you start with your level stake then add 1 point or take away 1 point when you win or lose. It’s based on the theory that you, as a player, are more likely to place a winning bet after you’ve placed a losing bet. The problem with this theory is that the wheel has no memory and therefore no clue whether you’ve just won or lost. The D’Alembert system is a negative expectation.

The two most common types of Roulette are the American style, which has two zeros, and the European style with only one zero. American Roulette has a house edge of around 5%, European Roulette’s edge is only about 2%. What this boils down to is that playing American Roulette is 3% less profitable in the long run. No matter what Roulette betting strategies you choose to employ, you’ll be much better off playing at casinos that offer European Roulette. Some casinos, allow you to clear all your casino bonuses when playing Roulette. This reduces the house edge and gives you a better chance of winning.

In light of the above, it is pretty safe to say that none of these strategies are Roulette betting systems but they can help swing the odds in your favor to a minimal degree. Still, if you take away anything from this article it should be that if you are excited by the action that only a Roulette wheel can provide then you should seek out a casino that offers European Roulette. The 3% edge that it offers over American Roulette is certainly worth the effort.
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