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Be Aware of the Minimum Bet Rules at the Roulette Table

Author: Neha Agrawal

There are a lot of bets available at a Roulette wheel and many, if not most, Roulette players put more than one bet down for each spin. But if you’re not an experienced Roulette player, there’s one aspect of betting the game which you need to understand before you start playing and that is the Roulette table minimum. This is a distinctive part of Roulette which makes it different from other casino games. There is a minimum bet at every Roulette table, but it means something different depending on what bet or bets you are making.

If the table minimum is £10, that means that all the bets you make on the “outside” have to be for at least that amount. Outside bets refers to the layout on the felt (If you’re playing on your computer or mobile device, there is usually a simulated felt, although some online casinos may have a different set-up.) The outside Roulette bets listed are outside the numbers. They are red-black, odd-even. columns and dozens. These bets come in more often but only pay 1-1 or 2-1. Any bet you make on these propositions must be for at least the listed minimum.

The Roulette rules are different on inside bets. These are all the numbers, from zero and sometimes double zero to 36. The minimum bet is also in force for these bets, but not on each wager. If the minimum is £10, you could spread out the bets, playing £1 on ten numbers or other number combinations. All your inside bets for each spin have to add up to at least the minimum.

It doesn’t matter what type of inside Roulette bet you make. You can still play a “street,” which is a row of three numbers across, or you can play a “split,” which is two numbers (you put a chip between the two.) You can also play a “corner” which is four numbers (put the chip at the intersection of the four numbers.)

There are other variations of Roulette as well, including a “double street” in which you put the chip at the intersection between two streets. You can also play a four or five number combination, four if there is one zero in the game or five if there are two zeros.

Any of these bets can be made in lower denominations provided that when you add up all your inside bets, they come to at least the minimum.

In Roulette, you cannot add together your outside and inside bets to get to the minimum. All of your inside bets have to at least add up to the number no matter what outside bets you may have made.