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Best and Worst Games of Blackjack

Author: Sylvia Garcia

Searching for the best blackjack game to play can be time consuming. With so many different variants available to players this may seem a pointless exercise, but if you’re serious about your blackjack play then this should be a critical part of your action plan.

Even if you fully understand basic blackjack strategy, but play a game with a high house edge, you may as well just hand the casino your money. Keep in mind that there are many different game play rules that can result in a favorable house edge so one of the things you should be looking for in any game that you play is the number of decks in the shoe.

Single deck is one of the best variants to play but you should make sure that the casino isn’t short paying you when you get a blackjack hand. Make sure you get 3-2 every time.

Best Blackjack Games

One of the best blackjack games to play is Classic Blackjack. Due to its liberal rules and payouts, Classic Blackjack will offer you one of the lowest house edge games. Another great game if you can find it is Blackjack Switch. This game lets you swap cards between your hands, and this makes it very appealing and playable.

Worst Blackjack Games

So what are the worst Blackjack games to play? Any single-hand blackjack game that offers you a payout of even money when you get a blackjack hand should be avoided, as this will result in a massive house edge and will suck your bankroll dry over a session of play. Eight deck games should also be avoided. Most casinos offer several different eight deck shoe games and they are not doing it for charity. It is a sure-fire way for them to get the maximum out of players.

There are plenty of blackjack variants available to players and you should also try to get as many additional benefits from the casino as you can. These are usually given in the form of player comps, so ensure you join the Player’s Club before you sit down to play.

Bonuses can also offer you an extended session. And with all of the casinos competing for your business, most are willing to offer you some very generous ones. But always ensure you check out any terms and conditions attached to these bonuses because some do not allow blackjack play.

The most important thing is that you use these playing sessions to relax and enjoy yourself. Gaming should be about fun and should only be played for enjoyment. If you designate a specific amount of money for your bankroll and are disciplined, then your gaming experience should be a positive one. And if you happen to win a jackpot, withdraw your money and walk away a winner.