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Bet on Baseball Without Striking Out

Author: Skyla Burrell

It’s that time of year again, where the ‘Boys of Summer’ battle it out for the title of World Series Champions. Now, when I think about baseball and gambling, I can’t help but think of Pete Rose. Betting on baseball cost him his spot in the Hall of Fame. The good news is the climate has changed dramatically since the 70’s and in this article; we are going to look at the legal ways to gamble on America’s favorite pastime without being banned from baseball for life.

First, we should address for those people not familiar, how Baseball is played. 2 teams comprised of 9 players each take turns at bat and field for 9 innings. Score the most runs by running the 4 bases on the field which form a diamond shape to win.

In baseball, there are 3 types of basic bets: Money Line, Run Line, and Total. Money Line is the most basic type of wager; just pick a team to win. Think of a Run Line like an NFL point spread line. Total means the combined runs scored in a game from both teams.

Money Line Bets

There are 2 teams, just pick one right? Not so fast, there is a little more to it than that. There are 2 main factors to consider before placing this type of bet. The starting pitcher is a huge factor on the defense side and the hitters are the big factor on the offense side. Pitching stats to reference before making your wager are IP (Innings Pitched) and ERA (Earned Run Average). There are a million stats you can pull, but these 2 are the important ones to consider. For the hitters, always check the OBP (On-Base Percentage). As with pitching stats, hitters also have a million stats to be pulled, but the OBP is going to give you an overall snapshot of the hitter's success.

Run Line Bets

Run Line bets are a bit more valuable but this type of bet requires a little more knowledge. We will use football as the reference point here as it’s a similar animal. In NFL the spread is always 3 points to win; in baseball, 1.5 is the magic number. What this means is that either side must win by 1.5 points to get paid.

A Run Line strategy is used by many bookmakers to assist in determining if there is value in the market. This is accomplished by converting the Run Line odds into a probability chance of winning which is factored as (Risk/return) x 100 = probability percentage

Total Bets

A Total Bet refers to the total amount of runs earned in a single game. Since each team has 27 opportunities to score, this is a textbook example of strategic betting. Like with Money Line wagering, knowing both of the teams’ strengths and weaknesses will take you far. Some key factors to consider are the home field advantage and weather conditions.


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