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Better Ideas for Mahjong Play

Author: Neha Agrawal

As with most things in life, the more you play mahjong, the better you will become at it. Since the game can seem complex, the more time you spend practicing and playing mahjong, the more you will understand it. The intricacies of the game and the delicate nature of the strategies will become more apparent the more you play.

When you first start to play, the game of mahjong may seem confusing. You’ll wonder what to look for and you’ll worry about mistakes that you may have made or might make. But as you get more experienced in the game, you will begin to see the patterns develop more clearly. You’ll begin to know what you want to do and how to do it.

One part of the game which top players are always aware of is the state of their own hand. They always know what tiles they need to win. Among other things, this determines how daring they need to play. They know if they need to take chances and make moves that may have risk but are necessary if they are going to win.

Another aspect of mahjong which will come to players as they get more experience is a greater understanding of their own chances of winning. The inexperienced player will just keep plodding on, even if their position is untenable, but the experienced player will try something different. They will try to stop the other players from winning. They will play for a draw. This may not be as exciting as playing to win, but if you understand your position in the game, and especially if you’re playing mahjong for money, there are times when it’s the best and most financially prudent strategy.

One other very sound mahjong strategy is to be flexible. You simply can’t have one master strategy for every game. Each hand you receive is different and each move in the game can change your position and your possibilities. Be ready to adapt your play to the situation. If you started out playing conservatively, it might well become appropriate to switch to an aggressive style as the situation evolves. Of course, the reverse might also happen, where you can start out aggressively and then switch your style to more solid play later in the game.

Whatever your original approach, remember to keep adjusting the style of your play to maximize your chances of winning at Mahjong.