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Betting Into American Pools

Author: Neha Agrawal

A number of the online bookmakers in Europe are now offering the pari-mutuel bets offered in the gambling pools of American racing. This not only just adds to the betting options, but it also allows betting into some large pools which can feature huge payoffs.

For the most part, American racing is at a convenient time for UK bettors. With the five hour time change between London and New York, the early races from the east coast of America are usually being run after the afternoon racing in the UK has concluded. Even the racing from California has a niche in Europe, though it can often be contested after midnight local time. That is perhaps more in line with the lifestyle of gamblers than the reverse situation, in which Californians have to be betting in the early morning hours if they are going to play races from Europe.

Another advantage to playing into the gambling pools of America is that any exotic bets-also known as multiple bets-will have big pools, This is not always the case on races in the UK, where there is much more betting at fixed odds.

The large pools will be found at least in the major racing circuits in America, which include New York, California, Kentucky and Florida. You can make a very large bet in a treble, known as a Pick-3 in America, without fear that the strictly pari-mutuel pools will be too small. Even a large bet will not have much effect on the payoff.

Another good reason to take part in American tote gambling is the information available. Only recently have the courses in Europe began to add such information as the fractional times of races, but this has long been a part of racing in America. There are also more details about the running positions of each horse in each race, rather than a general description of it, as found in most result charts around the world. You’ll know where a horse was at several stages of the race and how many lengths he was behind the winner, or how far ahead he was of the second horse.

There is also more information available about the workouts of each horse in preparation for a race. This information throughout Europe has long been considered virtually private, but in America, horses usually work out in the early hours at the track where they will be running. The workouts can be timed and rated by anyone who is out there to see them.

So there are many reasons to bet into the pools of American racing, which are strictly pari-mutuel. There is more information available and plenty of money to be won in every betting pool.