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Betting on Craps – What Options Do You Have?

Author: Neha Agrawal

To play basic Craps, all you need to know is how to make a pass line bet. Anything further than that you can learn in time. There are forty different ways to bet when playing Craps, so naturally you won’t be expected to learn them all right away.

However, when you have mastered the basic elements of Craps, you might be ready to try some of the other betting methods; and here are just a few of the more common ones for playing Craps.

The Pass Line bet is obviously one you would be familiar with by now, for it is the simplest and most default bet in Craps. With the Pass Line bet, the house only has a 1.41% edge. If the shooter scores a seven or eleven you win your bet. Should the shooter roll a two, three or twelve, then the player loses their bet. Should the number on the dice add up to any other figure, it is deemed the Point number. From then on, if the shooter rolls the Point number again before a seven you win your bet. If the shooter rolls a seven first however, the bet is lost.

A Field bet applies to any single roll. The player will win even money if a three, four, nine, ten or an eleven is drawn. The Craps player earns double if a two appears, and triple if a twelve is rolled. If five, six, seven or eight are rolled, the player loses their bet. The house edge on this bet is only 2.77%.

A Come bet is virtually the same as a Pass Line bet. However, unlike the Pass Line bet which has to be placed before the shooter rolls the dice for the first time, a “Come bet” can be placed at any time.

Then you have Placed bets. This basically implies that a player is wagering that the Craps shooter will roll any given number before he or she rolls a seven. The house edge varies from 1.5% for a six or eight, to 4% for a five or nine, up to 6.7% for a four or ten.

There are also Proposition bets, Free Odds on Pass Line bets, Free Odds on Come bets, Don’t Pass Line bets, Don’t Come bets and Hardways bets. These are much more complicated to understand and should only be attempted if the player has a thorough knowledge of all the previous bets. Information regarding these bets can be found in all good Craps strategy books and online help guides.