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Bingo Terms

Author: Dolly Gambler

Admission Packet
The minimum number of cards purchased to be admitted in a Bingo hall After Game - played after the end of a regular game

Auto Purchase
A feature where Bingo software automatically buys cards for a player at the beginning of a new game

Basket Bingo
A game where basket prizes are awarded to players

Bingo Board
An electronic display board where called numbers appear

Bingo Books
A number of Bingo cards bound together to be used at each game of a bingo session

Bingo Card
Card that contains 25 spaces, one blank and the rest numbered

A type of pattern where the whole card must be covered in order to win, also know as a coverall

Bonanza Bingo
A progressive coverall jackpot

A multi-play card

To purchase Bingo cards

The person who calls the numbers drawn

A method that automatically marks the numbers that are called on the player's card

Chat Room
A monitor or screen where you can read and exchange messages with other players

Early Bird Game
A game that starts earlier than usual or the first game of a session

An individual Bingo card

A thin Bingo card which pays a bit more than a regular game

Four Corners
A type of pattern where the numbers in the corner of the card must be covered to win

Free Space
The square located in the center of the card which serves as a free space

An electronic dauber system used to play multiple packs at once

Hardway Bingo
Bingo card without a free space

Instant Bingo
Breakopen tickets which contain the letters of the word Bingo, numbers or Bingo card faces

Lucky Jar
The prize for having the lucky number on a card

Main Stage Bingo
The main event of a bingo session

Minimum Buy-In
The least amount you must spend to be eligible for prizes

Money Ball
A number is drawn before the game starts and if you have it, your winnings double

A shape which is needed to cover a card

Cash Bingo where the prize is dependent on the number of players

Postage Stamp Pattern
A type of pattern which consists in matching 4 numbers in a 2x2 grid in any corner

Prize Bingo
Game played for a set prize

When numbers are called quickly

Rainbow Pack
Players are allowed to play for 3 or 4 prizes simultaneously

Random Number Generator

Speed Bingo
When numbers are called quickly in a regular game and you can bingo in 3 numbers

A quickly called coverall with just one card sold at a time

Table Board Bingo
Similar to lottery games, players win different prizes by completing specified patterns

Texas Blackout
A Bingo variation. A first number is called. If it is even, all the even numbers of your cards will be Jokers and you will have to cover them. The same applies for odd numbers

Eligibility required to win additional jackpot amounts

The only number that a player needs to complete a pattern and win the game

Wild Number
Played in double Bingo leading to triple Bingo. For example, if 34 is drawn, all number ending in 4 should be covered

Wrap Up
The last game of a session