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Blackjack Tournaments – Have you got an Ace up your sleeve?

Author: Neha Agrawal

Who said casino promotions have to be limited to slots? Some online casinos have blackjack tournaments, too. These promotions offer players the latest blackjack games to play, with some top notch prizes and entertainment guaranteed.

What are Blackjack Tournaments?

It may sound rather simple, but blackjack tournaments are exactly as they sound. In short, online casinos offer players the chance to sit down and play some blackjack against the dealer and other players. Depending on how successful they are, they could win the pot. Alternatively, some blackjack tournaments are ladder-based tournaments, where the player must compete against the dealer only.

Blackjack Tournaments

Proper blackjack tournaments are tough. These casino promotions will see the player sit down with many other players, and attempt to win. How far they get into the tournament depends on how well they play. Elimination from the tournament is a possibility, and they could end up with nothing. These kinds of blackjack tournaments work in much the same way as Online Poker tournaments. The prize in these kinds of Online Casino Promotion tends to be a pot of cash. However, some players may need to win qualifiers in order to be invited into these tournaments.

Ladder-Based Tournaments

In ladder-based tournaments, though; the player does not need to worry about other players directly. Instead, they are graded on how well they play against the dealer, amongst other things. The ladder-based tournaments could be based on how much is deposited, won or wagered. Players will all be ranked on one of those criteria at the end of the promotional period, and the player that is sitting on top of the ladder (with the most of a specific criteria), will be declared the winner. Prizes could range to anything from bonus points, real money, holidays, gizmos and gadgets and more. Entry into these casino promotions is usually available for all players.

Places to compete in Blackjack Tournaments

You are probably wondering where you can play in these blackjack tournaments? The answer varies, depending on what kind of tournament you wish to play. Online casinos will sometimes offer the ladder-based casino promotions, but the proper-style Online Blackjack tournaments are usually reserved for blackjack or poker casino sites. All top gambling domains that offer the latest blackjack games will normally run some kind of blackjack tournament every once in a while, though.