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Bonus Balls and Additional Options on Lottery Games

Author: Neha Agrawal

There are a number of small mini-games that are incorporated into a lot of different lotteries that are entirely optional, it's up to you whether or not you wish to play them. This may or may not significantly increase your chances of winning; there are other ways you can make sure you have the best chance possible of winning a lottery.

Bonus balls are one of the most popular methods of ensuring you have a half decent chance of winning at least something with a lottery game. Bonus balls come in two main formats. First, there are the bonus balls that are exactly what they are called. These bonus balls, often only one, are drawn after the main sequence of numbers have been drawn. A bonus ball in this format is simply an additional ball, so if the player failed to bag all five numbers, or as many as there are in their chosen lottery game, they have an additional shot at winning the jackpot if they can at least match the bonus ball.

The other type of bonus ball format is one in which you must match the bonus ball(s) in order to win the lottery jackpot. The bonus ball(s) are a prerequisite to winning the jackpot. As well as matching all of the numbers, you must also match the bonus ball number, or numbers. The advantage of this format of bonus balls is that if you only have three standard numbers you may only win a tenner or so, but if you bag three numbers plus the bonus ball that ten pounds might dramatically shoot up to a massive one hundred pounds. Bagging the bonus ball is always a good thing, and many liken it to a multiplier in slot games. It does dramatically increase your win, and therefore is relatively important.

Other mini-games are often found in lottery games. These mini lottery games, such as The Joker in the Euro Millions draw, enhance your chances to win, although they do cost extra to add to your ticket. An example of a joker bonus game is one which will see the player pick an additional seven numbers out of ten. If they bag the seven numbers, their prize is multiplied, much like bagging a bonus ball, or predicting a star sign in the Euro Millions game, to come up in the draw.

Most people tend to avoid these bonus games however, because they often cost as much as the standard lottery ticket. Bonus balls and bonus games are terrific ways to boost your balance if you win, however if you fail to acquire a single number on a lottery ticket, the bonus balls and bonus games will do you little good at all.