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Call Bets Are a Popular Feature of European Roulette

Author: Neha Agrawal

One interesting fact about Roulette is that the wheel is not in numerical order. Number one for instance, is not next to zero or two. It is between 20 and 33. Seeing this, many players wanted to have the numbers that were close together on the wheel or more than one section that covered different parts of the wheel. This led to the creation of sections betting in Roulette

This type of bet divides the wheel in a European Roulette game into sections. The idea was first devised in France, (as was the game itself) so the terms for each section of the wheel are in French. Jeu 0 consists of 7 numbers, from 12-15, which also includes 35, 3, 0 and 32. Other sections are known as Voisins de Zero, Orphelins and Tiers du Cylindre.

If you are playing Roulette with a live dealer, you will tell them which sections you want to bet. That is the reason that these are known as Call Bets. There is no specific place on the felt to place these bets, but the croupier will know how to place your chips after you inform him or her. However, call bets are considered a courtesy of the house, so the croupier has the right to refuse them if, for instance, there may not be enough time to place the chips.

Depending on your casino, when you’re playing Roulette online, you may get the option to place a call bet by yourself. Just be aware that in some online casinos, the number generated is at random among the 37 available and the normal divisions of the wheel do not matter. You are not getting numbers next to each other as you would on a spinning wheel. You’re simply getting a group of numbers. If you’re playing online with a live dealer, however, a real wheel is being used and all the reasons that you were making a section bet are still in play.

The odds for call bets simply depend on the number you are playing. Mathematically, they will all add up to the same small house edge, so if you play 12 numbers, you’ll get 2-1, 7 numbers, 5-1 and so on. There is no mathematical advantage to the odds in playing call bets. The only reason to do it is to give yourself either one or more sections of the numbers on the Roulette wheel.

Like most every other system in Roulette, the section bets require some luck and some good money management to be successful.