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Can You Make Serious Money With Poker?

Author: Neha Agrawal

There are a number of professional poker players in the world that much is true without a shadow of a doubt. These are people who are so good at the game that they often compete in the world’s biggest poker tournaments – such as the World Series of Poker. Make no mistake, these are professional poker players whose daily job is to play poker and win money. However, even for these poker players, it is not their own source of income.

Professional poker player’s schedules are littered with other odd jobs that also provide a significant portion of their income. The life of a professional poker player may very well involve publicising poker, teaching poker, being an ambassador and representative of the game, and they will reap the rewards that promoting the worlds most famous card game brings.

However, can you, yourself, make serious money playing poker? If you are skilled enough – and by that it is meant, skilled enough to compete with the best poker players in the world – then of course you can. But most of the readers of this article will never be skilled enough in the game to take on the real big guns of poker. So back to that original question again, can you make serious money with poker?

Yes and no, is the answer to the question. A poker player can most certainly do well enough to land a massive windfall playing poker, because poker is a massively popular game, with lots of players and bucket loads of cash up for grabs. A lucky hand could very well mean the difference between winning extraordinary amounts of money, and losing it. However, for the vast majority of you; the chances of playing poker for a living are a far off dream that in all likelihood will never become a reality.

As mentioned, even the world’s best poker players write books and promote the game to supplement their income, so unless you land a massive jackpot to bankroll your future poker games at high stakes, or happen to be filthy rich, the day simply will not come. If you are considerably rich in the first place, you needn’t worry about making poker your primary source of income.

But none of this should deter player from enjoying poker for what it is; a great card game that can be played for entertainment as well as for money. Being totally dependent on poker for your dollars is seldom a good thing. What if you lose?

All players are advised to enjoy their poker, reap the rewards of big win, but most of all remember. It is just a card game.