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Can You Play Lotteries Online, and If So, How?

Author: Neha Agrawal

Although there is no major lottery that is played exclusively online, you can certainly compete in casino lotteries online. However, it is probably the huge world famous lotteries that you are after, and there is something you can do about that. Although you cannot play these lotteries online, you can certainly buy tickets for said lotteries online, which is essentially the same thing.

If you happen to be residing in a country which offers the lottery to its citizens, then in Europe at least, you will almost certainly be able to log onto their website and purchase your lottery tickets online. There may however be a small charge incurred for using a credit card. Alternatively, there a range of other general ticket sellers that offer tickets to a number of lotteries across the world.

These sites will generally sell you a ticket for any number of lotteries, although they do generally charge a little bit more per ticket than you would normally pay, and some of these tickets only come in batches of two, three, four, or five lines – which makes you buy more. This is because you are going through a secondary site to purchase your tickets, not the actual lottery site itself. They are still perfectly legal and your tickets are one hundred percent valid, but do keep your eye out to make certain that the site offering you the tickets is legitimate.

The situation has been far more complicated in the United States, until recently. As of late, the United States has worked hard to make sure certain legislation could be pushed through that would enable lottery players across the country to buy lottery tickets online. This new proposal was put forth last year and comes into effect this year.

How successful the plan to sell lottery tickets online will be is yet to be seen, but many lottery players will be over the moon to know that they no longer have to dart out to the shop at the last minute to purchase a ticket to the big draw.

For that is truly what buying lottery tickets online is all about. If you have forgotten your ticket, or you are ill and can’t get out of your home to buy one for a multi-million pound draw; you can purchase them online.

Going back to the original question, in a way you can play your lottery game online. You can play almost anything else online nowadays, so why not lotteries too?