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Cash Back Offers – These Are Also Special Casino Promotions

Author: Neha Agrawal

It is no big secret that online casino special promotions also include cash back offers. Obviously these types of bonuses benefit the players who spend the most. However the order of the day is that a specific game or games have been chosen and the cash back offer is also limited to a specific time. This is what makes the promotion “special” so to speak. The bonus is generally about 10% of spend less winnings and the criteria to participate is to be a real money player and have spent a certain minimum amount of real money on the game.

All online casinos offer these cash back promotions on a regular basis, it encourages players to spend money, but also helps them not feel like too much of a loser at the end of the da. That is if they lost. If the player actually won, then the cash back is not as much, as winnings are factored into these promotional equations.

As on-going bonuses, cash backs are also popular, you will definitely find these as on-going promotions at the best of breed brand online casinos. High rollers may even receive up to 5% or more on an on-going basis, in terms of gambling losses. Note again that I mention gambling losses, it is these that are the basis for this type of promotion. No online casino player wants to feel like a loser, so, when losses are added up at the end of the month (or week – depending on the casino), this percentage on losses is then paid back into the players account. Sometimes a cash back will be made in real funds, but more often than not it is paid back in casino credits or bonus bucks.

At many websites the cash-back offer is not the only way to get extra bonus bucks to boost a bankroll. Using alternative payment methods may earn between 10 and 15% extra, sometimes even more. The beauty about this bonus is that the casino also gives on-going bonuses for making cash deposits, so, making payment by an alternative payment method is on top of what is already on offer. This is just another brilliant way to boost a bankroll. Everyone who gambles online should be doing it for fun, so, the more we get for free, the longer we can play, and this means more fun for free. The more fun we get for free, the more we are probably guaranteed to be a winner.