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Casino Bonuses – On-Going Promotions Online

Author: Neha Agrawal

Like all the things that are good for you, and even some of the bad, online casino bonuses are also only good for players in small doses. This is unless the player has an unlimited amount of money, as well as an unlimited amount of time to play casino games online. These are benefits – incentives for members or potential members to join, and to continue to play regularly at a site.

I see it all the time, the better online casino offer the smallest, more reasonable bonuses, and the less well-known offer the largest. While this might seem to be paradoxical, it actually makes sense. The less well-known sites have lesser liquidity, so, they offer bigger bonuses, but these are also tied up in what we call wagering requirement. We also find that the less well-known a site or its software, the smaller the prizes are, so, there is definitely a link between bonuses and the membership or visibility of a website.

The No Deposit Bonus is a gift that is given away to also incentivise a potential player to become a member of a casino. These are generally speaking small amounts of money – say between £5 or £10, and or a number of free spins on a specific game. Some offerings allow a certain amount of free play time, while allowing anyone who wins to keep a small amount of whatever is won. However, withdrawing those winnings can often only take place once the visitor has become a pay-for-play member of an online casino, and has spent sufficient funds to clear both the bonus and the winnings. Nothing is really given away absolutely free, although the opportunity to try before they buy, is absolutely real.

On-going promotions of bonuses refer to free casino chips or credits that are given to new and existing members. For example; the welcome bonus for making a deposit, or the welcome package where something is given free to the new member for making the first three or four, even six deposits.

Rarely can these on-going casino promotions in the form of bonus bucks be cashed out. Some websites allow it when all wagering requirements have been met, but this is not the norm. Also if players make withdrawals they sometimes lose their bonus funds, and mostly players are compelled to use their real funds before spending a bonus buck. There are however ways to work with and a round the system, but this is for the player to find out, and not for me to say.