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Casino Bonuses – Welcome a Friend for Even More Free

Author: Neha Agrawal

There are many casino bonuses to be had, as well as many online casino promotions, but perhaps one of the most useful to the game-playing fan is the friend referral system. In some instances this works just as an affiliate marketing programme would work, and sometimes there is just a once off bonus to be had.

The once off bonus system is pretty attractive, just invite your friends along, and the online casino will pay you a certain amount of money for the introduction. But only if the friend then becomes a pay for play member. Cookies keep track of the member who made the referral, and the money is paid into their account.

Referring friends to earn casino bonuses is a fun way to share the good news with a friend, while at the same time boosting your bankroll. Then again playing these games is becoming much more of a social experience, so playing with friends that you already know is also a great deal of fun.

There are other casino networks and properties that also offer members a percentage of the deposits made by their friends, as well as on-going bonuses, down to a few tiers or months. These types of referral systems can be even more beneficial for the member, and emulate how an affiliate programme works.

Just as an affiliate programme allows members to tap into the earnings made from referrals, so too, do casinos allow this situation for their members. It is only right that people should be rewarded for marketing on their behalf. The good word of a friend is incredibly valuable, and it is amazing how word gets around when a product is good. Marketing people have always said that “word of mouth” is one of the best possible forms of advertising.

Some online casinos may enter members into draws for really valuable tangible prizes, just for having the good sense to take advantage of the referral system. Obviously the more friends a player brings along, the better the benefits would be. For example a member in a casino prize draw who has referred three friends, has a lesser chance of winning than someone who has referred ten. However, one only needs one ticket in it to win it, and anything we get for free is always acceptable in this business.

Take a look at the friend referral programme before selecting a website to play, you will probably find that investigating this is well worth the time it took, especially if you have lots of friends.