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Casino Names are Designed to Get Your Attention

Author: Neha Agrawal

The first way that casinos can draw attention to themselves is with their name. Some use fancy advertising, but all new casinos also try to create a distinctive name that will attract business. The casinos that have numbers in their names are very popular. The number is usually related to some kind of gambling or luck angle.

For instance, seven is the lucky number for so many people, there are such casinos as 7Reels Casino, 7Spins Casino, not to mention 777Dragon Casino. But there are also several Bet365 casinos and that name tells the customer that they are open and ready for action all day every day. Other casino names involve numbers from the gambling games, like 21, the magic number in blackjack. There is a 21Dukes casino and a 21 NovaCasino.

There are others that put wealth into their names. There is Aztec Riches, Aladdin’s Gold Casino and Atlantic Gold Casino. There is even a Luxury Casino. Many sites put the word luck or lucky into their name. These include Lucky Red Casino and Lucky Live Casino. There are many more that use the word Jackpot in their names, as well.

Casino names have become a form of advertisement, with names suggesting great wealth, excitement, or glamour. Not quite so popular these days is a corporate name atop a casino. Although, if a name is well-known and respected, it will still be used. William Hill Casino or Virgin Casino, among others, use the popularity of their brand to create an audience which has come to respect and trust the company.

Of course, a gambling site can have a great name and then not treat their customers well. Having a great name is only the beginning. It’s like those people who have great weddings, but bad marriages. Having a great start doesn’t mean the whole experience will be all peaches and cream. So, no matter how much the name makes you feel like a winner, you should know to be careful and not get too excited simply by a name.