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Choosing Where to Play Mahjong

Author: Neha Agrawal

The fascinating game of Mahjong is now readily available for play in online casinos. It is also available at certain internet gambling sites that only offer Mahjong. So, if you want to play Mahjong, the question is, where should you play? Is a mahjong specialty site better than a large casino which may have hundreds of other games? The answer depends on several considerations..

It depends what kind of a Mahjong player you are. If you’re really only interested in playing Mahjong, you might do well to go to a site that only plays that game. The ones recommended by all offer generous bonuses. Most of the other casinos that offer mahjong also offer bonuses and in some cases, those bonuses may be even more generous. But chances are, you have to play something other than mahjong to collect the bonus. You probably have to play slots or some other games that are usually paying the best percentages to the house. So their bonus may be nice, but it might force you to play games you don’t want to play.

Another factor to consider is the software of the game. While most of the mahjong-only sites use the same software, Mahjong Logic, some other site may have some other company creating their game. If you can, you should sample the game in different locations to see which site’s presentation is the most acceptable or enjoyable for you.

All of the other considerations that you would normally use to select an online casino also apply to the selection of a place to play mahjong. You want to know that the customer service is excellent, you want to know that the methods of deposit and withdrawal are to your liking and what you need and you also need to know that the site is paying bonuses and other rewards the way they say they are.

Since there are several different versions of mahjong, you might not find the game that you like in every casino offering the game. You need to find out what versions are being offered.

Another consideration is the size of the “rake” that each site takes. Normally, a percentage of the pot in a mahjong game is returned to the house as a payment for putting on the game. You’ll want to know how much a site is getting and if any other sites are taking less. You also want to know what the limits are for the games. This is important in mahjong, because the game has some multipliers built into the scoring which can sometimes result in very large pots. Find out if there are any limits to how much you might win or how much you might risk in one game or set of games.