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Choosing the Video is an Important Feature of Live Dealer Casinos

Author: Neha Agrawal

When you’re playing at a Live Dealer Casino, you are normally given several video choices. The casino operates the cameras, but you choose the picture you want to see on your screen. The amount of options, though, is determined by which live casino game you are playing.

Most card games do not require that many different looks. You have the table, you have the cards going on the table and you also have the dealer sitting at the table. Your betting options are on the screen.

When there is a decision to be made, such as taking another card in Blackjack, (or doubling down or splitting) all those options will appear automatically on your screen. The live casino dealer will also give you your options verbally (This is friendlier than in the normal simulated game at a regular online casino. At those sites, you’re advised with bells, whistles or buzzers.)

More important and more plentiful are the video options offered in Roulette. When you are playing in a Live Dealer Casino, there are three main views available. There is the wide shot which shows you what the croupier is doing. Among other activities, he or she will probably give you a hand signal when all bets are done.

You could also get a wider view of the live Roulette betting table. The table is a big part of the game with so many betting options. You can see what bets you have already placed. You can also keep the whole board in front of you as you decide where to place your simulated chips.

There are times when you will want virtually the whole screen to show you only the betting table. Of course when a spin is in progress, you will probably want a close look at the wheel, which is also provided.

The live casino croupier will announce the winning number when the spin is over and it will also be displayed on the screen very quickly. So if you prefer to continue to look at the board to see what bets you made, you can certainly do that. However, most bettors, even though they trust the croupier and the graphics, still prefer the drama of watching the wheel closely.

Being able to choose the view you want, especially in Roulette, is one of the great advantages of playing in Live Dealer Casinos. It enhances the excitement of the action and increases the enjoyment of the game.