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Controlling Your Money in Pachinko

Author: Neha Agrawal

Once you’ve decided to play Pachinko for money, there are not many other decisions you need to make. Other than deciding when to launch the balls, the game pretty much plays itself.

When playing Pachinko there is no bluffing. There are no in-game decisions. There really are only a couple of things you need to determine. One of them is when to stop playing. Unfortunately for most players, that decision is made for them, as well. They don’t play with any money-management discipline and so they just keep playing until they run out of credits.

The only other major decision comes when you purchase Pachinko balls to start the game. You decide how much each ball that you play will be worth. Most online casinos let you choose anywhere from .05 units up to 10 units, or £10 or $10USD per ball, depending on what currency you’re playing.

The decision as to how much each Pachinko ball will be worth should depend on how much money you are bringing to the game. You want to be able to play long enough so that you give yourself a real chance to win, but you don’t want each Pachinko ball to be worth so little that you can succeed but not have much to show for it.

For example, if you’re bringing £200 to a Pachinko gambling session, you can probably play £5 a ball and get enough action for your money, without fear of running out of capital too quickly. You can also get a decent return for your bets if you should happen to get the balls rolling into the right spots and the slot reels spinning the right numbers and symbols.

Playing less than £5 per ball will likely leave you unsatisfied with your return should you end up winning at Pachinko. Playing more than £5 will force you to be quite lucky because you won’t be able to buy as many balls and you’ll be forcing yourself to try to win more quickly than you might be able to.

All of these figures are approximate. As you get experience playing Pachinko, you will be able to figure out for yourself if these totals are the right ones for you. You also might decide to change the cost of balls during a single session of Pachinko. You could discover that starting low is a good idea until you get ahead. Then you can increase the stakes.

The only things you control in Pachinko are the money you bet and when to stop playing. So, if you want to be as profitable as possible at the game of Pachinko, you need to master both of these decisions.