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Craps Tips

Author: Dolly Gambler

Do not try to hand cash to the dealer to make change. The dealer is not allowed to take any cash or chips directly from the customer. You need to place your money on the layout, before the shooter gets the dice, and ask the dealer for "change only."

Don't try to slide dice across the layout thinking you can control the outcome. The first time the boxman will call out, "No roll." The second time, possibly some token punishment like a slapped wrist. The third time you will be asked to leave the table.

If you want to take a risk, do so when it is your turn to throw the dice.

Keep your hands off the table and out of the way of the dice being thrown. You do not want to disrupt the game by altering the toss with your hands.

Learn how to make a Pass Line bet or how to Place the 6 or 8. Both of these wagers have house advantage of less than 1.5 percent, making them one of the best bets in the casino.

Once you learn how the Odds wager works, never make a Line or Come bet that you are not willing to back up with full odds.

Place the six or eight to win in multiples of $6

Some wagers like Pass/Don't Pass bets, Odds, Come wagers, the Big 6/8 or Field bets can be made by you. On the other wagers, place you money on the layout and ask the dealer to make those bets for you.

Stay away from all those proposition bets in the center of the layout. The dealer who is banking their performance is doing nothing more than inducing play on wagers that are all "house bets", carrying a casino advantage as high as 16%.

When a Come Line bets wins, replace it with another Come bet.

When a Don't Pass wager is placed it is poor etiquette to yell "Come on, seven" as you are betting against the majority of players at the table.