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Deciding How Many Options to Take in Your Football Pool Bets

Author: Neha Agrawal

When you’re introduced by a gambling site to any pools that they are offering, usually they will explain to you their various football pool betting options. It’s quite common for them to encourage you to make extra selections.

For example, in a very popular bet such as the Premiere Ten, you select from the ten fixtures and if you get all of them right, you win the pool plus any of the jackpot which was rolled over from the previous weeks when there wasn’t a winner. If you’re not the only winner, you divide it up with the others who won.

Normally, you will hear a voice introducing you to this football pool explaining how you can pick a side or a draw and then telling you that if you choose more than one option in a fixture, “you will increase your chances of winning the pool.” They don't bother to point out that doing this costs more money. For every extra selection, you increase the expense of your ticket.

So the question is, when playing the Premier Ten into any gambling pools , is it a good idea to pick more than one option for a game? If so, in how many games should you do this?

The most important questions for dealing with this come down to how much money can you win. Yes, you can play more than one option in every game, but it's highly unlikely that you're guaranteeing yourself a profit. In fact, you're almost certainly guaranteeing yourself a loss. The cost of playing such a ticket might even cost more than the return you will get for winning.

When you put your money into football pool betting, you need to be selective to make money. That means you'll need to pick your spots. If there are two or three fixtures in which you really have no opinion, you can choose more than one option. But you can’t do that for every match.

If you’re going to win in your betting pool, what you'll need to do is make some selections. You can't cover all the possibilities. You need to have an opinion on several of the games being contested. Otherwise, you probably shouldn't be making the bets, at least not for serious money. Of course, you might not be playing the pool except to have a bit of fun without a lot of expense.