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Deciding What Kind of Pools Player You Are

Author: Neha Agrawal

The football pool betting sites offer several different types of bets. You can play “Head2Head, “you can play the “Classic Pools” with the possibility of big returns, or you can play any number of other bets. What you have to decide is how serious a player you are.

Are you making pool bets just to give you a team to cheer for when watching the game on television? Are you just trying for the huge payoffs offered by the biggest and most famous pools? Or are you a serious player who has spent a lot of time and possibly money trying to make accurate forecasts of the games?

When you determine what you’re trying to do, then you can determine where to concentrate the money you’re putting into your football betting pool.

Of course, even if you are a serious player who thinks he or she has a very good sense of who is going to win specific matches, you might well still be getting involved in the large and traditional Classic pools betting going for the huge payoff.

But if you are the kind of player mostly interested in playing the Classic Pools with the idea of getting the great grand prize, you probably don’t need to be playing in the smaller gambling pools. These usually involve not only guessing the final score, but also the halftime scores and other things such as yellow cards and corners.

This all might be fun, especially if you’re watching the game, but the payoffs will not be as high and you should probably leave those pool bets to those who have studied the past games of the teams involved and can make an educated guess to determine the correct wager.

The idea of winning the grand prize worth many millions of pounds is basically just a lottery. The determination of which teams will play ties and will be the highest-scoring ties is mostly pure luck. You might think to tell the people involved in these gambling pools that they should concentrate their money on national lotteries which have similar long odds and even bigger payoffs. But the advantage of playing lottery-type bets in sporting events is that they are more entertaining to watch then watching someone pick a winning number out of a machine. It’s the reason these types of bets have been very popular, especially in the UK, for many decades and will continue to be for many more.