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Differences Between Online Blackjack and the Traditional Variety

Author: Nick Wright

You only need to see the ubiquitous nature of blackjack tips to realise that high limit blackjack and all other versions are amongst the most popular of casino games. Now many of these blackjack tips do relate to both online and traditional blackjack in a physical casino, but there are actually a number of significant differences between the two types of game that the blackjack tips do not take into account.

Firstly, it may seem like an obvious point to make but online blackjack eliminates the need for an actual dealer. This has essentially no effect on gameplay and so doesn’t need to be taken into account for blackjack tips or guides to blackjack basic strategy, but is one of the reasons why some people describe online blackjack as less sociable a game than the traditional version.

Another notable difference comes from the fact that the rate of play for blackjack online is much more rapid than in an actual casino. This is because you are only playing the dealer when you play online, and the dealer is also a computer that can ‘shuffle’ and ‘deal’ far more quickly than a human being. This difference is important when you are discussing blackjack strategy, and especially tips that regard money management as a greater rate of play can mean that you can lose more money far more quickly, especially if you are playing high limit blackjack.

A further variation between the online variant of blackjack and the physical casino game, is the more positive fact that when playing online pay-outs tend to be better. This is the case as online casinos can afford to offer better winnings, even on high limit blackjack games, because their costs are much less than those of actual casinos who have to pay for all of the other trappings of their building. It goes without saying that this rates amongst one of the more useful blackjack tips that you are likely to find.

Finally, a last variation in gameplay for online blackjack and traditional casino play is the fact that online casinos often offer ‘free play’ or ‘play money’ games. This means you can practice your game without risking any actual cash, and is always recommended for online blackjack, to get a feel for the game for free.