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Dolphin Paradise, a Top Online Version of Pachinko

Author: Neha Agrawal

No doubt in the future, as Pachinko becomes more popular throughout the world of online gambling, there will be many versions of the game developed by casino gaming developers. But at least for the moment, the most popular creation of the game of Pachinko for use on the internet is by Playtech, one of the leading developers of software for online casinos. Their version of Pachinko is named “Dolphin Paradise” and it is available for play at most online sites that feature both Pachinko and Playtech games.

Dolphin Paradise follows the basic rules of Pachinko, though there are some differences. The main object is still to get balls to fall into the right spots and collect more balls or bonus spins which can win you many more balls.

One of the differences is in the setting. As you might guess from the title, there is an aquatic setting to Dolphin Paradise Pachinko. The main sound of the Pachinko machine is meant to represent the tail flipping of the two dolphins that are at the top of the screen. The tails actually are part of the game, acting like the flippers you would use on a pin ball machine. The colors of the game will make you think you’re out in the ocean and the sunlight. There is a blue and green tint to most of the screen.

When playing Dolphin Paradise Pachinko, first you decide how much you want to play for. The right side of the screen will show you the current value of each ball. You can adjust the figure to your liking and your bankroll. The Pachinko balls are then launched from the left side of the screen until you click the stop button. Then the balls fall down in the normal manner of a Pachinko game.

If the Pachinko balls land in the catcher, you win four additional balls, which are then released from the far right of the screen. You also launch the slot machine feature of the game. There are three “pay lines” on the spinning reels, which are located in the middle of the screen.

The Pachinko slot game can produce more balls or can lead to one of five mini- games that are unique to Dolphin Paradise Pachinko. These feature the dolphins playing various games which can result in the player getting hundreds of balls to play, or even to cash in.

With Dolphin Paradise, Playtech has created a version of Pachinko which is as entertaining and as fast-paced as most of their slot games. With the mini-games they have added, they have also made Pachinko more lucrative than most other versions of Pachinko.