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Dragon Kong Gives You the Mahjong Game You Want

Author: Neha Agrawal

Mahjong players will immediately take note of the terms dragon and kong as being key words in the game, so it just makes sense that a leading Mahjong site on the internet would use those two words as the name for their site. Dragon Kong is one of the leading gambling sites on the internet that specializes in Mahjong.

The online site offers many versions of the game. They offer the Japanese, Schenzhen, Hong Kong, and Chinese versions, as well as Chinese Official Mahjong. All their games are powered by Mahjong Logic, the leading software producer of Mahjong games in the industry.

You can play Mahjong for money in single game or multi-game formats at Dragon Kong Mahjong. You can also play in tournaments, which are something of a specialty at the site. Tournaments are frequent and the site often adds extra money to the events from their “VIP” section. The added money is in addition to the entrance fees, the “stake” money, as it is often called. The final payoffs to the winners are determined after the added money and the entrance money are added and the rake, which is usually about ten percent, is removed.

It’s easy to download Mahjong games from Dragon Kong Mahjong. Downloading is possible both in Windows and Mac formats. Once you get the software on your computer, you’re ready to play.

Dragon Kong is more than just a site where you can bet your money while playing Mahjong. It is also one of the leading international forces in the game. In 2010, they were the sponsor of the World Mahjong Championship. They have also been a sponsor of the Open European Mahjong Championship.

Dragon Kong has many easy ways to become a member and deposit. You can deposit your money with a credit card, you can also use several E-Wallet services, such as Skrill. You can also send money with a cheque. Withdrawals at Dragon Kong are just as easy and offered in the same formats.

Customer service is also easy to access at Dragon Kong Mahjong. You can contact Dragon Kong's customer service through email at They also have another rather unusual way to receive customer service. You can reach them through Skype. If you have an issue you can contact dragon.manager via Skype.

Dragon Kong also welcomes your help and suggestions as to ways to improve the site. They have a separate email address to contact them on these matters: