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European Roulette is a Version of the Game Which Improves Your Odds

Author: Neha Agrawal

European Roulette is one of the most popular variations of the very popular game. The basic idea is the same—the spinning roulette wheel picks a number and you can bet on a specific number, a group of numbers, a color or odd and even. But there are important differences between European Roulette and other versions.

There is no double zero in European Roulette. This is favourable to the player, since the payoffs for winning are the same, but your odds are slightly better. When there is a double zero in addition to the regular zero, there are 38 possible numbers that can come out with each spin. Play one number and win, you collect 35-1. Play one number without double zero and win in European Roulette and you will still collect 35-1 even though the odds of the number coming in are improved by about 3%.

Even more of an edge in European Roulette comes to those playing one of the even money bets, such as odd-even or red-black. When you take all of the eighteen red numbers for example, there are now only 19 possible numbers that can beat you instead of 20 when there is double zero. This is more than a 5% improvement in your chance of winning, but the house does not give you a lower payoff. You still double your money.

Another feature often found in European Roulette games is called En Prison rule. This rule comes into effect when the lone zero in the game hits and you played any of the even-money bets. There are two ways that casinos, either land-based or online, offer this feature. The most common is to hold your bet over to the next hand. The bet is considered “frozen” in place. That’s why it’s called “in prison.” The next number that comes in will determine if you win. (if zero comes in again, you lose.) The other option utilized by some casinos featuring the en prison feature in their European Roulette games is to return half of the even money bet should a zero come in.

Before you commit your money to a, casino, particularly an online one, check the rules of their European Roulette game to see if they have this player-friendly feature and which version of en prison they are offering. Many casinos even give you the choice of either surrendering half your bet or freezing it until the next spin.

There is no such provision in a standard Roulette game. In that version, if either of the zeros on the wheel comes in, everybody loses unless you actually played that number.

These two extra features make European Roulette a game which offers better odds to the players no matter what type of bet you usually make. The only players who won’t appreciate it are the ones who only play double zero.