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Explaining Gambling City’s Casino Blacklist

Author: Nick Wright

Gambling city pride themselves on being a gambling site created by gamblers for gamblers, and as such a key part of their work is to help gamblers avoid the online casinos and websites that don’t play fair. That is exactly why Gambling City have compiled their casino blacklist of rogue casinos that you should avoid in order to improve your online gambling experience. This list of blacklisted online casinos has been years in the making and Gambling City never labels sites as rogue casinos lightly. As such this article will attempt to briefly explain the concept of this casino blacklist and the factors that are taken into account when Gambling City adds a site to their casino blacklist.

Firstly it is important to note that Gambling City’s casino blacklist is not an attempt to coerce gamblers into using particular sites, it is merely a compilation of sites which the Gambling City network believe to be rogue casinos based on a number of factors including casino complaints, personal experiences with the sites and Gambling Grumbles reports. To explain this final factor, Gambling Grumbles is Gambling City’s free mediation service for casino complaints and has been mediating gambler’s disputes with rogue casinos since 1998.

In this 15 years period, Gambling Grumbles has therefore gathered a raft of information about casino complaints and how the different online casinos deal with any complaints, and it is this information that is applied when putting together the casino blacklist. What this means is that the casinos on the casino blacklist are those that have attracted the largest number of casino complaints and that do not show any desire or ability to genuinely deal with these complaints. All of this is then combined with information from members of the Gambling City network and other trusted gambling portals and forums, to create arguably the most reliable and trustworthy casino blacklist available for gamblers today.

Gambling City feel it is important that online gamblers understand how their casino blacklist is compiled and hopefully this article has gone some way to help aid this process. If you do feel that the casino blacklist is something that can help you, then keep checking back to it as if and when needed, new rogue casinos are added to the list to help you to avoid the pitfalls of dealing with these blacklisted online casinos.