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Finding Value at the Roulette Wheel

Author: Neha Agrawal

The odds of a Roulette game are very well balanced. Whatever bet you’re playing, there is no mathematical edge over any other bet. The only part of the Roulette betting setup which is not even is the arrangement of the three columns. The black and red numbers in these columns are not equal. In the first column, there are six black and six red. In the second column, there are eight black and four red. In the third column, there are eight red and four black.

These differences offer the possibilities for coming up with ways to, play Roulette which will give you a good return. It comes by playing columns in combination with the colors. They don’t guarantee a winning session and the overall return, even if you make a profit, will not be extraordinary, but you will be winning quite frequently.

If you play, say, £20 on the first two columns and then £15 on red, you’ll collect very often. If either of your two columns comes in, you’ll get a 2-1 payoff. You would make a profit of £5. What’s more, if one of the red numbers comes in from the first two columns, you will get back another £30, so you would get a total return of £90 and a profit for that spin of £55.

Though you don’t have the third column, there are eight red numbers in that column that will get back most of your bet, £30 of the £55 you wagered.

If for some reason, you prefer to play black instead of red, you’ll need to play different columns. There are eight black numbers in the second column, so you want to play £20 on the first and third columns and £15 on black. Your winning numbers are different, but the odds and the payoffs are exactly the same as they were when you played red and the first two columns.

Of course, there are risks to this system. There are five numbers on the Roulette wheel, including the zero, which will take away your whole bet. The other four numbers are the ones which are not in your column and not in your color.

Your losing numbers figure to come in about 15% of the time. The other 85% of the spins, you’ll be getting a small loss, a small win or a fairly decent win.

You may not make huge profits playing Roulette this way, but unless you’re really unlucky, you won’t have any long dry spells, either.